Dr Oz: Alzheimer’s Disease Tests: PET Scans & Spinal Fluid Test


Doctor Oz said that there is a way that we may be able to stop Alzheimer’s Disease before it even strikes and to get diagnosed with Alzheimer’s years before you have any signs.  One of the most devastating things we can hear from a doctor is that we have Alzheimer’s, because many of us look at it as a slow and painful death sentence.  In fact, you could have Alzheimer’s Disease right now and not even know it. Dr Oz PET Scan


  1. Mark Panter says

    How would you know to get the spinal fluid test or PET scan? Is it based solely on the 4 risks? My Dad died from Alzheimer’s at 83, but I have none of other of the risk factors.
    If you were tested and it was positive, but no symptoms, what would the treatment involve and how would the treatment affect your quality of life?

  2. says

    Mark, how I wish I was a doctor and could answer your questions! We are Dr Oz’s number one fan site, but are not doctors ourselves, so I cannot answer all of your questions. My guess is that if you are tested positive, they may start you on certain Alzheimer’s drugs sooner, but again I cannot tell you for sure. The best thing to do is to consult with your doctor. My grandmother has Alzheimer’s and it is such a painful thing to watch. I have forwarded this article to my own mother and have asked her to discuss options for getting the spinal fluid test or PET scan as well. I hope everything works out well for you Mark!

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