Dr Oz: Alzheimers & Diabetes Link: Foods That Cause Alzheimers


Dr Oz: Alzheimer’s Disease & Diabetes

Doctor Oz did a show on an Alzheimer’s Breakthrough – a new link between Alzheimer’s and Diabetes.  Dr Oz said that this might be the most revolutionary show he has ever done.  You can imagine your brain as being made up of cables, which are your brains nerves.  And there are lights that shine throughout your brain, which are your memories, emotions and thoughts.  With Alzheimer’s Disease, the signals are cut to the nerves in your brain and all of a sudden your brain can go dark.  But what turns off the light?  Could Diabetes be the cause of Alzheimer’s Disease?  Dr Oz also gave a great list of Foods That Cause Alzheimer’s.

Dr Oz: Alzheimer’s & Insulin Resistance

Dr Oz said that Alzheimer’s Disease robs more than 5 million Americans of their past, present and future.  And as families watch their loved ones slip away, they become worried that they are destined to suffer from the same thing.  New research Dr Oz Alzheimers & Diabetesoffers hope though.  Dementia is the result of tangles and plaque in the brain, but until recently we did not know what caused the tangles or plaque.  Dr Suzanne de la Monte, from Long Island, may have discovered what is causing plaque and tangles in our brain, and so she is now calling Alzheimer’s Disease a form of “Diabetes In The Brain.”  The next logical conclusion is that if Alzheimer’s is a kind of Diabetes, is something in our diet causing it?  There is a chemical preservative found in many processed foods called Nitrosamines which may be accountable for Neuro-Degeneration similar to Alzheimers.

Dr Oz: Brain Diabetes

Doctor Oz said that having Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes increases your risk of getting Alzheimer’s Disease, but even if you do not have Diabetes in your body, you could have it in your brain.  He asked Dr Suzanne de la Monte what is the difference between Diabetes in the brain and Diabetes in the body?  She said that Diabetes can take place anywhere in the body.  We normally think of Diabetes as high sugar in the blood, but the important thing is that it means there is high insulin which can occur anywhere in the body.  There is a big overlap of around 40% between between people who have Diabetes in both their brain and in their body, but Alzheimer’s can also exist on its own without having signs of Diabetes elsewhere in your body.


  1. says

    my friend was diagnoised with early onset of dementiaat age 42 gulf war vet airline pilot he is now 48 his wife is from another country speaks english well she has moved him to thailand .he is with her family & a care giver while living in the states she always made him san with deli meat also ate a lot of rice she wuuld cook a bunch of rice kept it on warm for 5-7 days in a rice cooker he still knows some people but he is losing a lot of words his wife works in another country comes to see him 5-6days in a 6 week period other family members do not speak english .he has been to DR in Hong Kong Fla Seattle & New york also the DR in thailand perscribed Trental on it for 4 days & got verysick headacke upset stomack could all this prossed lunch meat & rice caused dementia ?
    there is no familf history of dementia on father or mothers side he was seen by DR. Relkin in ny twice getting in touch with DR is imposible his sister in ny found this dr we his family friends are at our wit ends we do not know how to help

  2. John Ehmann says

    Check carefully the nitrosamines and beer claim. Malting and beer companies worked very hard and spent millions to eliminate nitrosamines in beer. Craft beers may be higher since they buy malt from some of the smaller malting companies and they use more malt per barrel of beer produced. Be careful of this also because craft brewers are very concerned about making pure beer. Also the FDA has set levels of acceptance for nitrosamines and the brewers full well below this standard.
    For the record…my uncle has brewed and consumed beer all of his life. He is now 96 an has signs of dementia. I have brewed beer all of my life and am a retired brewmaster. So far at 72 there are no signs of dementia. Let’s not scare people.

  3. g8rb8 says

    Sorry, but I don’t see a single citation for any of these claims except “Dr. Oz said.” Some facts would be appreciated.

  4. Maxine says

    Anyone remember Dr. Lendon Smith of Oregon? When my babies were being born he was trying to educate about the dangers of refined foods. Many of the truths he shared weren’t accepted in the sixties and seventies. I love more organic foods and the energy I get from eating a more natural diet. Thanks Doctor Oz!

  5. Lynda says

    My question is on smoked foods. If you do smoking at home without the added nitrites/nitrates, are they on the suspect list also?

  6. Cheryl Sipes says

    Dr. Oz – THANK YOU so much for this very important information. I lost my Mom, and dear grandfather to this terrible disease. My dear grandmother is currently living in a Nursing home with Alzheimer’s disease. The Nursing Home is working with me to try and keep my grandmother as alert as possible with her diet. I can tell you that it has helped so much with her mental condition. I know that diet works because I have seen it work in my grandmother’s life and my own. May God bless you and this wonderful doctor for her work. Take care, Sincerely grateful for this information, Cheryl

  7. Kari sue says

    lets just stop eating everything, we get skinny, dont loose our minds and die much faster! all our grown foods have been geneticlly modified, our cattle have been given hormons, there is NOTHING we eat that is pure our good for us. and the drugs we have pushed at us by doctors are killing us even faster. And the Gulf War veteran, its not from the food he is eating its from the sarin gas he was exposed to and the depleted uranium. Sorry, not much help for our Gulf War veterans, as they came home to get sick and die. I know I am the wife of a GWV myself. We have lost tons of his buddies he served with already. Sad sad fact.

  8. Karl says

    I think you need to be very careful when you say that these foods/substances CAUSE Alzheimer’s. The (preliminary, hypothesis-generating) research to which Dr. Oz was referring is correlational (meaning they’ve only found a relationship between these things, and there is absolutely no evidence that one causes another; the relationship could be accounted for by a third variable). Processed foods, nitrates, etc are all good things to avoid for a more healthful existence. However, there is currently NO research that provides evidence that any of these things cause Alzheimer’s.

  9. diana shepelwich says

    Ny dad passed away with Alzheimers 4 years ago. I am scared to death that i am going to get it.I need anwsers please.

  10. Adam M. says

    kari sue, how is it possible to starve when we take out specific food from out diets? one has to be ignorant to be unable to see the rest of the entire grocery aisles packed with a gigantic variety of food that we never eat because we’re used to being fixated on what we’ve grown up eating our whole lives. learn and adjust without fearing it will be a threat. you will benefit if you live off of the land like our ancient ancestors. we are spoiled by conveniences and big industries. its time to depend on other sources for nourishment, because obviously we can’t decide for ourselves unless everyone else does it for us. only then can we see that we can’t keep on living so wastefully and inefficiently.

  11. Cheryl Stratton says

    My husband has dementia, diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease. It’s very scary. I’m slowly losing him. I watch his diet, give him four shots of insulin a day, and he takes meds. I love him so much. Cheryl from Indiana

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