Dr Oz: Alzheimer’s Prevention Plan & Memory Test


Dr Oz: How To Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

On today’s show, “Your Most Dangerous Risk Factors For Alzheimer’s Disease,” Dr Oz gave the most dangerous risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease, which could be a game-changer for you and your family. Dr Oz asked the important question, could we possibly have a cure for this disease in 10 years? Read on to find out Dr Oz’s ultimate prevention plan for this debilitating disease.


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    Having watched only a small portion of Dr Oz interview with Gary Small m.d.
    I missed some of the preventions which were mentioned..Please help me find more info. I have type 2 diabetes..Mother had diabetes 1 and have a n Aunt on my fathers side pass away with Alzheimers complications….My Sister has a rare disease which affects the brain..That increases Calcium? Now my sister tells me that the disease is lately under control..Sorry I can not remember the name of disease. I did contact NORD when she was first diagnosed and was advised to have sisters children tested. Fear has kept me from doing anything as far as testing for myself or my children…Any response would be appreciated..Rose M. Worled

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    What are the chances of incrreasing memory loss and diabetes 2 by continuing with the Statin drugs..I am especially worried after hearing the latest report a couple weeks ago. My Dr has me on 80 Statin mg per day and I use Janumet 50/500 2 x daily after meals.
    I have been bothered by my short term memory loss for thew last couple of years….
    I have been taking some form of metformin and statins for probably the last seven years.
    I am 66 years old. Do you think that I should seek the advice of an Endocrinoligist? Please answer soon.. Oh Great Now I see that you are not affiliaated with Dr. Oz…Just forget my comment

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