Dr Oz Am I Normal? Why Do My Eyes Tear When I Poop?

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Dr Oz Am I Normal? Why Do My Eyes Tear When I Poop?

By on October 5, 2010

Doctor Oz did a segment called Ask Dr Oz: Am I Normal? Below are all of the questions Dr Oz was asked by people who were too embarrassed to be shown on tv asking the question.

Dr Oz Why Do I Cry When I Poop?

Anal Cramps: Rectal Pain at Night

Dr Oz was asked by a woman who says she gets horrible pain in her rectum that lasts 10-20 minutes and can even wake her up from sleep.  She gets this pain several times a month.  Dr Oz said that rectal pain at night is not normal, but it is not rare either.  It is a problem called Anal Cramps.  We have all used Chinese Finger Traps before, where the harder your pull your fingers apart, the more impossible it is to get your fingers unstuck… this is similar to what happens with anal cramps.  What you want to do is to relax the muscles and so Dr Oz gave a couple of exercises to help with Anal Cramps.  Lie on your back and alternate with placing your right hand on your  left  knee and your left hand on your right knee.  Also, while lying on your back, try to pull  your buttocks up into your body.  Dr Oz said these exercises also help manage incontinence.

Nipple Inverting & Nipple Retraction

Dr Oz said that inverting nipples are normal as long as you can make them come back out again.  If you cannot pop your  nipple back out, it could be a sign of an infection, inflammation or even cancer.  If you have breast cancer, it can pull down on the duct running through the nipple, causing it to invert, and you won’t be able to push your nipple back out.

Are 2-3 Nosebleeds a Day Normal?

Dr Oz said it is not normal to get that many nose bleeds every day, and it might mean there is another problem with your blood clotting system.  Dr Oz showed us where three arteries come together in your nose, and when the blood vessels cross each other, if there is dry air or your nose is dry inside, you can get nosebleeds.  Dr Oz said you can manage a lot of  nosebleeds by putting a glycerin gel inside of your nose to keep it from getting dry, cracking and bleeding.

Why Do I Cry When I Poop?

Dr Oz said that it is actually normal for some people to cry when they poop.  If you look at how your brain makes decisions, going to the bathroom happens naturally.  Your brain sends a message to your colon and says go to the bathroom, but the same parasympathetic system controls your tears, and so the signal can get crossed.  Dr Oz said that this is not rare and some people only figure out that this does not happen to everyone by comparing themselves to what their friends say.  Dr Oz said that some people can sweat or have blood pressure changes when they poop too!

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Comments to Dr Oz Am I Normal? Why Do My Eyes Tear When I Poop?

  1. crying when pooping.
    This happens to me and my family, but not to any friends that I know of. It must be genetic

  2. Shi Mckinney says:

    Is it normal to get frequent bladder infections (UTI), and what can I do to prevent them.

  3. brittany says:


  4. I’ve done this my whole life, each & every poo-time. I’ve never met anyone else who does this(my daughter doesn’t), so yes, I’ve felt a bit of a freak & haven’t had a chance to chat about it much :) It does not hurt. I am not sad. My nose usually runs a bit too. I have always wondered why, & am so Happy to have an explanation! If anything, we who tear when we’re pooing may in fact leave the bathroom extra relaxed, more than the average person, yes? So we’re lucky is all :)

  5. I tear when I poop aswell!!!! I thought I was the only one!

  6. Why do I get more and more tired every day? I go to bed earlier now, at first 23:00, then 22:30, and now I am going to bed at 22:00, but the earlier I go to bed, the more tired I am the next morning, why is this? this started on the first of December 2011, and my eyes are also getting a tiny bit dryer every day, and I also have a little socializing and low self-esteem problem, please help! And I thought I was the only one who “cried” while taking a poop!

  7. @ steph, that’s exactly what I’ve been trying to tell people. it doesn’t hurt, I’m not sad, it just happens . but people just think I’m crazy.. now i know I’m not crazy, it happens to other people too! :)

  8. I need to put my fingers in my butt sometimes when i poop to make sure it all comes out. Is this normal? Yes i cry when it happens to but i like how it feels sometimes.

  9. Bobby are you high?


  11. I’m so glad I finally looked this up. I always thought it was just me. My mom knows I did it. I remember being 8 and going to the bathroom and coming out with tears and my grandma asking if I was okay. My mom just looked at her and said, “Oh, she always tears up when she poops”. She didn’t act like it was a problem so I assumed I was “ok” but I still always wondered. Glad to know it’s not just me!!!

  12. I askrd my docter about my teary eyes wen i pooed and she said shes NEVER heard of that!! Glad im not the only one

  13. meee tooo!! I tear and get the sniffles when i poop, but i always thought that it was because my butt-hole was too small. so its my brain that causes it?

  14. i thought i was the only one lmfao im glad i know now that it is normallly, im mad im just now finding this out, i cant even use the bathroom at a public place and hide it, cuz my ppl always know if i took a dump cuz my eyes be all watery

  15. This is just one of the many mechanisms the body uses to cleanse. There are only so many ways the body can eliminate toxins. You either poop, pee, cough or sweat it out. One action commonly triggers another, and we should all be grateful for this. When you sleep, the body detoxes. When you wake, the body is ready to eliminate these toxins. We jumpstart this by drinking a glass of water, a cup of coffee, stretching, taking a few deep breaths, having a cigarette, etc. The idea is that we’re getting the body moving internally. If you’ve ever dieted, detoxed or started an exercise regimen, you may have noticed a substantial uptick in bowel movements, urination, lymphatic cleansing or sweating. Your body is thanking you for finally stimulating the cleansing process via diet and exercise. I’m happy when a good poop makes my nose run. It makes me feel better and cleans me out. Mucus is eliminated rectally and lymphatically. The two go hand in hand. If you’ve noticed only a recent uptick in nose runs while pooping, you may be able to attribute this, at least in part, to eating an unhealthy diet and not exercising enough. If you’ve recently started taking better care of yourself, your body is pushing out the old stuff. This is all good news. The typical American diet is loaded with excess sugars, hormones, preservatives, etc. This builds up toxins, candida and mucus. If you don’t excrete small amounts consistently via healthy diet and exercise, the body waits for a good chance to excrete what it can. Nothing stimulates the cleansing process better than a good bowel movement. My girlfriend makes muesli and we eat out of the same batch throughout the week. I have a few bowls per day, and it keeps my system clean…so clean, in fact, that sometimes I have to slow down because I can feel the after-effects and tummy tenderness from the soluble and insoluble fibers cleansing and scrubbing my system. The muesli helps me poop 2-3 times per day, so I always feel light. I usually go an hour after a meal. When I first began the regimen, my nose would always run when I pooped, because I was eliminating a lot of old buildup. Now my nose runs less, because my system is generally cleaner. I still get a runny nose in the morning with my first bowel movement though. But then again, if I have anything to cough up, it’s early in the morning. Also, our bodies have been sweating out toxins all night…they’re just sitting on the surface waiting to be washed off. Same with morning breath…toxins in the system pushed up and waiting on the tongue to be washed away. If I go on, I’ll become less and less scientific and lose credibility; I’m not a doctor or nutritionist. The point is, we should all be so lucky to have such an efficient cleansing system. The alternative would be to become impacted, dehydrated, lethargic, irritable, toxic and eventually die. If you want to feel better and make it easier on the system, drink more water, eat lighter foods more often in smaller servings, and get a little aerobic and anaerobic exercise in on a regular basis. Then, think yourself healthier and visualize your new and improved self. And when your nose runs, be grateful!
    (I’ve seen this question asked in several places; will repost on a few different sites.)

  16. James,
    I’m thinking you may not be talking about quite the same thing the rest of us are? I’m not talking about the occasional sniffle or runny nose. I’m talking about water works each & every time I’ve pood in my life. There’s something a little different happening here.
    I’m sure if I’m detoxing some, my mucus very well will probably increase, I appreciate that & am on board with the concept, & like the info you presented :) It’s just not quite on target with what’s been discussed here, is all.
    But for the occasional runny nose-r, I’m sure that could be an accurate reason :)

  17. bodies are so mysterious! I also get a tickle in my nose when i pee… it feels like right before you are about to sneeze, that tickly watery feeling. anyone? Or am i alone on that one?

  18. You cry when you poop BECAUSE IT FEELS SO GOOD. Why doesn’t anyone say that?!! It’s also can give you the chills. Come on people! I sometimes wait in my bedroom with the lights out and hold my poop and my eyes water so bad! It feels so good to do that. I love pooping too. OMG it’s so good. I just hate wiping my ass. Damn it.

  19. Haha. Love it. I thought everyones eyes watered when number two-ing. I do want to know if the same people’s eyes water when they yawn. I almost look like I’m crying after I yawn. People are always asking me if I’m ok & tihs. I’m like, “ya. I just yawned”. I get that look like, “ya right. He was cryin.”

  20. i cry when i pooop and i thought i was the only one when i was young i used poop when i cry i thought it was just meeee makin me cry soo i tried and do some things i said to my self to stop crying AND GUESS WAT it didnt work looool

  21. msanthropicgeek says:

    Sooooo, I not a weirdo huh XD I just asked someone for the second time in my life why tears, and snot seem to precipitate during my daily doo’s, and again, the response was, no it’s just you. I couldn’t find an answer anywhere else but here so I am sooo happy that other people tear too. When I come out, you’d think someone just told me the world was ending while I was on the toilet, and I don’t have any tissue because I am a mess, and because I am far from shy about taking a massive one, they just think I just bombed the bathroom, hehehe..

  22. legitJedi says:

    oh my gosh, Im so relieved. I started to get worried when I asked people on Yahoo! if crying when pooping was normal, and everyone said I should see a doctor. Yikes

  23. these crying while pooping comments are hysterical. lmfao. i thought i was the only one but when my sister came out of the bathroom (she took very long) i saw tears in her eyes and asked her if she took a crap and she said yes.

  24. I have been teary everytime I poop for as long as I can remember (about 6-8 years old); I am 42 now & no one else in my family says they do, so it’s not genetic but I agree with others it’s great to know that there is nothing wrong with my body when this happens – I guess it’s why people call me non emotive – I probably have no tears left!!! Lol

  25. Charlottteee says:

    OMGGG !! thought i had something wrong with me when i realised that whenever i go to the toilet my eyes water and i do actually cry , it’s good aswell to see that this post board is actually not old :D oh andd is it just me but…. i dont only cry when having a poop , everyone on here mentions pooping , but mines just whenever i use the toilet >_< Wish there was a way to stop this as im 14 and i am unable to use the loo at friends houses or at school because even if i have just pee'd it looks like i've pooped !! lol

  26. Crying when I poop. It happens I just tell my fiancé it’s such a good poop I am sad to part with it.

  27. James, you’re totally full of it. But thanks for shooting off your mouth about something you clearly know nothing about. It offered me some amusement this evening seeing you speculate like you actually had something worthwhile to add to this conversation.
    A Gastroenterologist from New England

  28. Excellent post but I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this
    topic? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Many thanks!

  29. I’m surprised to hear not much people knew that it is a common thing for people to tear up when pooing. I do tear up, and my mom does to. Wasnt surprised to hear other people tear too.

  30. FINALLY! I’d wondered why my eyes water when I poop my whole life. I knew I couldn’t be the only one! I’d tried asking on Yahoo answers, seeing if it at least happened to anyone else, but no one answered. And it’s funny, because most of the comments here are about that subject of the article, so I guess alot of others wondered too & weren’t finding answers.

  31. I’ve always wondered this and just now searched for it. I’m 28 and this has happened my whole life where I tear up, and my nose runs and I also yawn alot when I poo. Glad to hear I’m not the only one.

  32. I always thought it was the jalapenos.

  33. OMG !!!! I’ve been crying while pooping my entire life!!
    I thought I was a total weirdo and I’m the only one in the world with it… glad to hear that I’m not alone in this!!!

  34. Ah ha. Found out why i cry when i poop… while i cry when i poop.

  35. Michelle says:

    I’ve always wondered this too! I remember having to go to the bathroom during class and come back and I’d have people adding he if i was was ok. So embarrassing.

  36. Im sorry, but i still think its not normal .. Honestly speaking it irritates me a lot .. Those chromosomes didnt chaisma properly

  37. I thought I was weirdo for pooping while getting watery eyes when it happened,this been going on my hole life, my family thinks this is not real and that I am just faking it, but every time I go poopy I start to have watery eyes. Some days I wish I did not have this and that I was a normal person

  38. My mom use to tell the family that I cry when I poop and they all laughed at me. I had to explain that I don’t cry, tears just come out. Like when you yawn, you can’t help it.

  39. Man all this time I thought I was the only weirdo whos eyes tear up when they have a bowel movement, thank God for the internet, now I know it’s not just me. I decided to look this up cause the other day when I went I teared up so much that I thought something was wrong with myself, I was practically crying so many tears ran down my face.

  40. Krayshawnieshasiawotermelondra says:

    I am the only one in my family that cries when I poop. EX: I go to the bathroom during school and I have to number two really badly, (as bad as it sounds) I sit on the toilet and do my “work” and while I’m doing my “work” my eyes tear up and I start crying (not the “your boyfriend just dumped you cry”) its like my eyes water and I randomly start crying. After I do my work and I “print the paper” my eyes water too! Plus my mascara runs and it’s so irritating because I have to do it over all because of my “work” and “printed paper”

    By the way I came up with the name because I couldn’t think of anything useful :}

  41. Finally I’m not the only one that poops and tear up

  42. huh I always just assumed its cuz when I pooped and pee’d it just felt so good/relieving or something xD

    I have known a few other people that say this happens. I find it interesting. Brains are weird.

  43. OMG, I have been doin this my whole life. My closest friend laughed at me when were younger, cuz she busted in on me. Saw that I was crying on the toilet an had a field day, I just now started tellin ppl a few years ago that I do that. An they always ask questions, which I dont have the answers to, all I can say is…I’m not mad or stressed an it doesn’t hurt. My nose runs, my b/f said my eyes get red too. But I’m so so glad I’m not the only one, it doesn’t happen everytime tho. It depends on what’s coming out,

  44. I always wondered why this happens, i thought i was the only one. I always come out so relaxed to. Thx Dr OZ :)

  45. So happy to see I’m not alone!. My 10 ur old daughter at the tine caught me while pooping and was like mommy…what’s wrong??!!! I then discovered it wasn’t something she did!. Haha! And I had an ex boyfriend who I told this to, and he was like you’re weird and laughed at me so hard!..so happy to see there are others out there!!

  46. Sabrina Poole says:

    Oh my Gosh my family tease me for this! Glad to know im not the only one!!!

  47. Ive been crying while pooping,urinating and even yawning in my entire life! :) glad to know its just normal :) i do believe that it is genetic.my twin and mom cries also when they poop and pee! And we felt good and most relaxed,thanking God everytime we out from restroom :D lol

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