Dr Oz & Amanda’s Cranberry Meatloaf Recipe: Under 500 Calories


Dr Oz has been trying to get all of us to form Healthy Dinner Clubs where we eat just 500 calories for every dinner.  As part of Doctor Oz’s Healthy Dinner Club, he sent one of his viewers named Amanda on a special mission.  She had 48 hours to add a secret ingredient, cranberries, to a dish and bring it to Dr Oz’s studio.  Amanda was given a cooler full of cranberries, dried cranberries, and cranberry juice. Dr Oz Healthy Dinner Club Cranberry Meatloaf Recipe


  1. gamechanger says

    I’m glad you are pointing this out; I had the same reaction regarding the canned soup. Also in the very same show, he gave a stat around 44% or so about meat consumption contributing to higher rates of disease, and that if a pill did that, he’d not take it. He also mentioned a preference for better nutrition to fight cholesterol instead of medications, yet he allowed that meat and processed food recipe on his show, when clearly there are plant/nut dish alternatives. I’m finding this inconsistency in effective nutritional/medical education being persistent for decades — magazines at supermarket checkouts will have “diet tips” with a huge 3 layer cake or platter of cookies on the cover. Our food supply and medical care is so bound up by unhealthy marketing campaigns for processed foods and pharmaceuticals, I doubt the average Jane or joe will ever see the light of day when someone who has the exposure of Dr. Oz, can’t put out a straight-shooting, consistent message. Not only that, the meatloaf alone came in at about 486 calories — that doesn’t leave many calories for veggies or side dishes — 500 calories for just the meat portion, is too much for one meal. I was told by my doctor that his show was really good, so I watched. Can’t say that I am impressed with this episode.

  2. says

    I made this recipe tonight, and EEEWWWW. First of all, there was just WAAAYYY too much oregano. The first bite I took tasted like pure oregano. Second, The recipe says to cook it at 375 for 25 minutes… after 25 minutes, the beef was still bloody inside. 1 hour later, my meat thermometer said the temp was 160, so I served the meatloaf to my family… with a spoon. It was so soggy, trying to cut slices was impossible. Once on the plate, it didn’t hold it’s form, and ended up looking like a meat puddle. I followed the recipe to the letter, and only changed the cooking time becasue I was not about to serve raw beef. I dunno what happened, but it looked nothing like what was shown on the show today. YUCK!

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