Dr Oz: Amaranth, Pumpkin Seeds & Trout: Grocery List Makeover

Dr Oz did a segment called “Did That? Try This For Your Grocery List” to teach us new healthy foods to add to our grocery lists.  So many of us buy the same groceries week after week, so why not try something new?  Doctor Oz went to Stew Leonards to see what people were buying.  There were some healthy people buying brown rice, salmon, peppers, apples and peaches – but of course there were people with less healthy options (especially people with kids) who had things like bagels, ravioli and macaroni and cheese.  Here are some alternatives that you might like even more, so add them to your grocery list for your next shopping trip!

Dr Oz: Pumpkin Seeds Instead of Walnuts

Dr Oz Amaranth Whole GrainDr Oz said that if you try walnuts all the time, why not mix it up a bit and add pumpkin seeds instead?  Pumpkin seeds are rich in antioxidants and can lower your cholesterol by boosting your good cholesterol.  Pumpkin Seeds are great in a salad with spinach.  One added bonus is that pumpkin seeds contain Trytophan, and so they help you to sleep.

Dr Oz: Amaranth Instead of Brown Rice

Dr Oz replaced brown rice with Amaranth, which is a grain similar to Quinoa.  Amaranth has more protein than brown rice and is full of iron, calcium, and zinc.  Dr Oz’s guest seemed to think Amaranth was tasty, but she said it was a totally different texture.  I bet in a dish like meatloaf, the texture would not be as noticeable.

Dr Oz: Trout Instead of Salmon

Dr Oz said that if you have had enough of salmon, why not try trout sometimes?  Trout is rich in omega 3’s, low in mercury and contains calcium.  Trout sounds like a good alternative to Salmon for when you want fish, but you are getting tired of salmon all of the time.

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