Dr Oz: Amaranth, Red Lentils & King Oyster Mushrooms: Anti-Aging Foods


Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Super Foods

In this segment, Dr Oz introduced audience member, Colleen, who stated that she picked the food for her 3 teenager that were good tasting, inexpensive and healthy. With a little coaxing, she admitted to buying chocolate chip cookies and ice cream but stated those foods were just for the kids. (That’s her story and she’s sticking to it!)

Dr Oz: Red Lentils

1. Red Lentils- red lentils are used to manage weight too. Dr Oz King Trumpet Mushrooms When Doctor Oz asked if Colleen had ever served the beans to her family, she admitted that she didn’t, and in fact, had never made a dish with lentils in it. (At least she’s honest!) Dr Oz says that lentils are loaded with fiber and that 1 cup of lentils is worth about 18 g of fiber, which helped you feel full. Red lentils were also a low-fat protein, which is a great alternative to meat. Lentils also gave you energy to help keep you active. Dr Oz says that if your kids eat broccoli, they’ll eat lentils. Red lentils are also faster to cook than brown lentils and take only six minutes to prepare. When prepared, they turn yellow. Dr Oz asked Colleen to taste it. She stated that they were “just okay.” Dr Oz suggested using garlic and onions to give a little more flavor. You can purchase red lentils at the grocery store for $3 per bag.

Dr Oz: Amaranth

2. Amaranth- This food helps fight osteoporosis by keeping the bones healthy and strong. This food is rich in iron, magnesium and calcium. To cook, place in a skillet and toast it. Dr Oz asked Colleen to taste it. This time she stated it tasted delish. You can purchase this item at any health food store for $7 per bag.

Dr Oz: King Oyster Mushrooms

3. King Trumpet Mushroom or King Oyster Mushroom- this cancer fighting food contains antioxidants and beta-glucans. To get the full health benefit, eat a handful of these mushrooms 2x per week. You can purchase this food at natural food stores for $7. Colleen tried it and said it was “tasty”.


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