Dr Oz: American Roast Coffee Prevents Colon Cancer & Coffee Trivia


Dr Oz: Coffee Health Benefits

Are you getting perks from your morning brew?  How you make your coffee can rev up those health benefits even more.  In this segment, Dr Oz brought up Francis and Gramelda, two audience members, to play a game.  Francis admitted to drinking at least 2 cups of coffee in the mornings and Gramelda admitted to sharing her morning coffee with her dog.  (Not sure what to make of that one!)  Take the Coffee Challenge Quiz to find out how to get the best benefits from your favorite morning pick-me-up.

Dr Oz: American Roast Coffee Prevents Colon Cancer

Which roasts are best for preventing colon cancer? Dr Oz Coffee Superfood


  1. Chrystal says

    Cold brew? I remember him saying add hot water to it instead of microwaving it. I suspect let the grinds sit in cold water for hours (overnight) like sun tea, or cold brewed tea. Strain it and add hot water to heat it up. I’ll try this one 🙂 Don’t worry Keurig, you’ll still get used for warming up my coffee. P.S. Caribou’s Daybreak light roast coffee is one of my fave light roasts.

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