Dr Oz: Anal Fissure Remedies, Symptoms, Prevention & Cures

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Dr Oz: Anal Fissure Remedies, Symptoms, Prevention & Cures

By on November 10, 2011

Dr Oz: Anal Fissures

According to Dr Oz, 80 percent of people may have had an anal fissure and didn’t even realize it.  Dr Oz stated that when you think you have a hemorrhoid, you may actually have an anal fissure, which can be much worse.

Mary, an audience member, told Dr Oz that it had always been a dream of hers to talk about her problems “down there” on national television.  (HA!)  Mary told Dr Oz that she went Number Two twice a day and when she gets pain down there, she drinks prune juice. Dr Oz Anal Fissures Mary also noticed that there was blood down there sometimes, but figured it was just hemorrhoids.  The symptoms of hemorrhoids and anal fissures are basically the same; the only difference is that, with hemorrhoids, the pain may be all day long.  Anal fissure pain normally occurs when you go to the bathroom.

Dr Oz: Anal Fissure Symptoms

– Itchiness

– Pain during a bowel movement

– Bright red spot on toilet paper

For this demonstration, Doctor Oz used a large pink sheet (normal skin).  Mary pulled one end of the sheet and Dr Oz pulled the other.  Nothing happened because normal skin is flexible and resilient enough to let a bowel movement pass through.  They pull either end of the next pink sheet and it tears, creating a little hole.  The tear may become larger and eventually rip right through and do some real damage.  The tear creates pain so you don’t want to go to bathroom and you end up holding it in, which may make the problem even worse.

Dr Oz showed an image of muscles in the anal area.  Normally, the muscles stay tight before going to the bathroom and then relax when you’re actually going.  Dr Oz showed little or hard pieces of feces (or, as he put it, “cannon balls”).  The hardened cannon balls came down and caused more tearing and ripping.  (Ow!)  Once the ripping starts, it is difficult to fix.  You may need surgery to cut the muscles to relax them so that it doesn’t hurt when you go to the bathroom.

Dr Oz: Fissure Remedies

– Witch hazel-soothes the area, reduces swelling, and relieves discomfort

– Epsom salt baths – the magnesium relaxes muscles

How To Prevent Fissures: The key is to avoid harder stools

– Stool softener

– Black beans – the fiber in beans give you some bulk to give poop the right shape when it comes out

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Comments to Dr Oz: Anal Fissure Remedies, Symptoms, Prevention & Cures

  1. Nancy Thomas says:

    Could you please be more specific re: using epsom salt for fissures. I am 89 and can’t take tub baths anymore. If I make a mixture of water and epsom salts for a hand bath,
    what proportions should I use? If using witch hazel, do I take it straight out of the bottle
    and let it dry on?

    LOVE your demonstrations!

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