Dr Oz & Andrew Knowlton- Unhealthy 6 Worst Meals in America

Doctor Oz and Andrew Knowlton, the Restaurant Editor at Bon Appetit Magazine and frequent guest judge on Iron Chef the TV show, gave a list of the most unhealthy and 6 worst meals in America.  Andrew Knowlton joined Dr Oz before and discussed 5 Secrets Restaurants Don’t Want You to Know. Dr Oz & Andrew Knowlton

High Cholesterol Meal

A pancake wrapped around sausage, egg, and cheese with a side of syrup – sound delicious, but it has 973 mg of cholesterol.  Dr Oz said that it is recommended to only have 300 mg of cholesterol a day.  Andrew Knowlton told Dr Oz that the owner of the diner in New York that serves this breakfast actually had triple bypass heart surgery by none other than the fabulous Doctor Oz.

High Calorie Meal

A burrito with chips can have 1690 calories, even though it might not look like too much food.  People (including myself) tend to think that wraps are a health food, but it all depends on what is stuffed inside of that wrap.  Often eating just half is more than enough.  My husband and I have starting splitting entrees when we go out to eat, and we are both completely satisfied, saving calories and lots of money too!

High Salt Meal

A meal of a Parmesan Encrusted Fish can have 3360 mg of sodium, and Doctor oz said that on average you should only consume 2300 mg of salt.  Andrew Knowlton said that in culinary school they teach that salt equals flavor, which is true to a certain extent.  But salt is also used to preserve food, which is why its so commonly found in fast food.  Dr Oz said that it can also make the food addictive.  If you wake up in the middle of the night extremely thirsty and wanting water – it is likely that you may have had a meal high in salt.

High Fat Meal

Doctor Oz brought in the largest pepperoni and meatball pizza I have ever seen!  The entire pizza had 953 grams of fat, and each slice of pizza had 25 grams of fat.  Dr Oz said that at most, you should have 50 grams of fat each day.  Andrew Knowlton mentioned that there has been a trend in America towards Neopolitan style pizza with a thinner crust, less dough, and high quality ingredients which actually tastes delicious and is better for you.  Less is more with pizza, as Knowlton said, there is seriously no reason we need to have both pepperoni and meatballs on our pizzas!

High Carb Meal

A dish of pasta with breaded shrimp can have 196 grams of carbs, which is almost the whole amount of carbs you should have in a day.  Doctor Oz said that when restaurants bread food, it is often because they are trying to hide something… very interesting!  Andrew Knowlton said the reason restaurants give such large portions of carbs is because starch is cheap and it does not cost them very much to give you a huge portion.  Then, you can take leftovers home which is mentally satisfying because you feel like you got a good deal.  Dr Oz said everyone should order their own salad and then split an entree.

High Sugar Meal

What a delicious looking sundae they had on Dr Oz’s show – a brownie, ice cream, sprinkles, whipped cream sundae with all the toppings.  But we must resist the urge!  The brownie sundae dessert has 1344 grams of sugar, which is 1/4 cup of sugar per scoop.  Andrew Knowlton said a better option is to have fruit or to splurge and have just one scoop of ice cream, but without all of the toppings.  Besides, sundae topping mask the real flavor of the ice cream.

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