Dr. Oz: Angina & Heart Attack Signs, Pain & Steps to Take

Doctor Oz said that a warning sign that your heart is a few beats away from a major meltdown is something called Angina. Roberta, seat 24, was Doctor Oz’s assistant of the day to learn about Angina indications and what steps we should take if we get these heart issue signs.

You have a major coronary artery which brings blood to the front of your heart.  If you aren’t healthy overtime, then the wall of this artery can get thicker and begin to close off the ability for nutrient rich blood to get through the artery to the heart.  It can sometimes feel like a knife stabbing, sharp pain, but Doctor Oz said that mos commonly it feels like a giant amount of pressure on  your chest (like an elephant is sitting on your chest).  You may also get nausea, vomiting and / or swearing.

2 Types of Angina:

1.  Stable Angina

Stable Angina only occurs during physical activity, and if you get medication you will usually get better.

2.  Unstable Angina

Unstable Angina lasts more than 30 minutes when you are at rest, and if you get this, you should take an Aspirin and call 911 immediately.

Angina Pain Locations:

The nerves from your heart do not tell you that the pain is there specifically.  Instead, the pain often goes down to the spine and is called “referred pain” since you get the pain in another location.  If you have pain in any of the following locations, you should take an Aspirin and call 911 immediately.

1.  Left Shoulder

2.  Lower Forearm (particularly in women)

3.  Chest

4.  Neck

5.  Jaw


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    My mother had angina pain that sent her to the emergency room. Now a month or so later, she is better. Will she have another angina pain and when do you think it will come? I live with her to help take care of her since she is going blind. She will be 86 years old on March 30th.

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