Dr Oz: Anorexic Man Brian & Anorexia Battle at Rosewood in Arizona


Dr Oz brought a man on his show named Brian who was Anorexic and at a huge risk of dying (click here for a recap if you missed that show: Dr Oz Anorexia Symptoms).  Brian’s immune system was failing and his chance of having a Heart Attack were high.  So how is 40-year-old Brian just 10 months later?  Doctor Oz checked up on him to see how he was doing after going to Rosewood, an eating disorder center in Arizona.  Brian weighed 75 pounds at his low point, and today he looks so much better! Dr Oz Anorexia Eating Disorder

Dr Oz: Anorexic Man – Brian Update:

Brian told Dr Oz that he feels alive, healthy and strong.  It was not an easy process though.  During his 3rd week of treatment for Anorexia, he needed a transfusion and he really felt like he might die.  But the old saying is right – things get worse before they get better.  Just last week was the first time that Brian could do yoga and sit on the floor “Indian Style” with his legs crossed.  Brian has his emotions back, because when you have severe Anorexia, you often do not feel many emotions.

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