Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Head To Toe: What To Do When It All Heads South

Dr Oz did a segment called Anti-Aging Head To Toe: What To Do When It All Heads South.  Doctor Oz was joined by Dr Susan Evans to discuss Anti-Aging Tips for your face, Joe Dowdell, author of The Ultimate You, and Dr Evelyn Minaya.  Aging is hard for everyone, but especially for women because every time we look in the mirror, we are reminded that everything is going south.  Dr Oz brought on these three people to teach everyone about the new advances to fight aging without surgery.

Dr Oz: What To Do When It All Heads South

Dr Oz said that everything eventually goes south, no matter how much we pull, yank or pray.  Everything starts to sag, and it is not just the outside of Dr Oz Instant Eye Liftyour body that goes through these changes.  Your hormone levels decrease into your 40’s and 50’s.  Waddles on your arms and neck are caused by a loss of elasticity as collagen fibers break down over time.

Dr Oz: Black Licorice Root Extract Estrogen Booster

Dr Oz brought on his show a lady named Alison who said that when she turned 40, everything changes.  She said she looks tired, can’t concentrate and now reads the same article over and over again.  Her hands, eyes, skin and even “down there” are super dry.  Dr Evelyn Minaya said that what we have now is not your mother’s hormone replacement therapy!  There are Estrogen Creams and Estrogen Patches that are natural and come from a plant source.  You can just put some Estrogen Cream on the inside of your thigh and you will be good to go.  If you want something even more natural, try Licorice Root Extract a little bit every day, because it has Phytoestrogens that give you a little boost of Estrogen.  The only thing you must remember to do is to have your Potassium Levels checked by your doctor every so often.

Dr Oz: Pseudoephedrine Swirl & Instant Eye Lift

Dr Oz had Dr Susan Evans show Lorri a couple of options for under-eye bags and sags.  One option is to do an Instant Eye Lift where your doctor uses a filler to inject into the groove underneath your eye to remove puffiness, dark circles and excess wrinkles.  Dr Evans used anesthesia under Lorri’s eye and then filled the area with Hyaluronic Acid, a filler that goes beneath the skin but on top of the bone.  You have to stop taking aspirin for a while before having this Instant Eye Lift.  The second option for an eye lift is called the Pseudoephedrine Swirl.  All you have to do is crush up 1 tablet of Pseudoephedrine and mix in 1/2 tsp of wrinkle cream.  You can do this every day for an instant tightening within 5 minutes.  Dr Susan Evans said that she likes to use something with GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid) as the wrinkle cream to mix in.

Dr Oz: Supine Hip Bridge Exercise for Sagging Butt

Joe Dowdell showed Dr Oz and Liria an exercise to help with sagging boobs and a sagging butt.  Dowdell said that resistance training is what you need to make those areas stronger and bigger in a good way.  You cannot change the fact that your skin sags, but you can change what happens underneath your skin.  The Supine Hip Bridge Exercise will help sagging butts, and here is how you do it.  Lie down on the floor in a standard sit-up position, and place a resistance band over both legs and bring it up just over your knees.  Lie on the floor with your back straight, put your feet on their heels and pull your toes back towards your shin.  Then press your knees out to the side against the resistance band and squeeze your butt together while you raise your butt up off the ground.  Hold this position for a count of two and slowly lower your back down.  Repeat this Sagging Butt Exercise two more times.


  1. max says

    Where can I find Pseudoephedrine for under eye? AND Gaba gamma stuff?

    why tell us about it if we can’t get it??????

  2. sara says

    I know the pseddoephedrine and the cream can be bought over the counter but how much of each do you use?

  3. janice says

    amazon has all of the products listed from the show. Just got the wrinkle cream, good price, only $70.00 and the pills are from my drugstore. Also got GABA supplements.

  4. Susie says

    Pseudoephedrine is just sudafed so you can find it over the counter easily. GABA creams are easy to find online. You may also be able to find it in pharmacies or skin care stores (e.g. CVS or Rite Aid and Sephora or Ulta). Oh and the GABA doesnt have to be $70. I found some for less than $20, but you might compare ingredients and amount.

  5. janice belcuore says

    that is the same cream that I had already ordered. I know of some people that have used it alone and were very happy with it. I agree to check the ingredients and the amount of active ingredient. This one has one of the highest amount available w/o prescription. I’ve done Botox so I’m interested in seeing the results of this procedure.

  6. Grace Ann Piper-Reaves says

    Dear Dr. Oz
    I was so priviledged to watch your program on “What to do when it all heads South” in particular the Pseudoephedrine Swirl instant eye lift. I purchased a box of Sudafed ( the one with the most active ingredient in it as I was desperate) one day and the next morning decided to try it as recommended on your show. I crushed the tablet and mixed it with a wrinkle cream, a good one, applied to my under eye area and viola, 5 minutes later had a very smoothe under eye area.. Thank you Dr. Oz and Dr. Susan Evans. I was impressed with the effectiveness of this non-invasive approach.

  7. says

    How long do the effects of the pseudoephrine swirl last? Do you get any effects from it absorbed thru the skin?


  8. dyan says

    the pseudoephedrine has different mgs… i bought a box today with 120 mgs..
    does it matter? does anyone know how many mgs tablet we should be using??

  9. Mike says

    Did anyone find out exactly what Mgs of the pseudoephedrine to use yet??

    Any ideas and comments would be appreciated. Thank You in advance.

  10. janice says

    I do not have any idea, but I was just getting the highest that I could. I figured that “why not?” I know more isn’t always better, but in this case I don’t think it can really hurt. I know that some is absorbed into the skin, but I really wasn’t too concerned about that. Maybe some others that may be sensitive would worry though.

  11. lisa says

    Thanks for providing this info. Dr. Oz’s site is terrible. I thought I’d be able to find the show’s info easily on his site but after searching I found the answer to my question here.

  12. kim says

    Dont go spending tons of cash on this CVS’s 24/7 skin care line has gaba @ 19.00 a bottle. They also carry thier brand of sudifed 20 pills for about 7 bucks. So for less than 30 bucks you have enough product to last you a long time

  13. still looking for gaba cream says

    i want to buy gaba cream no one has ever heard of it i have been online and can not find it please help me locate it

  14. Susan says

    I just bought the 30 mg pseudoephedrine tablets…I hope they crush easily. Do the higher mgs. crush okay? I don’t have any GABA cream…I bought some Garnier because I had no info on the GABA cream. If this doesn’t work, I will order some GABA. I have big bags under my eyes…hope this helps. Anyone else seen results?

  15. Lulu says

    Is pseudoephedrine the same as:

    Kirkland Suphedrine Pe Phenylephrine Hydrochloride 10mg Tablets 144-Count (Pack of 3)
    Please somebody help??

  16. cindy says

    I think the Kirkland suphedrine is closely related to pseudoephedrine but is not exactly the same. The exact brand name you want is Sudafed (which is pseudoephedrine)..

  17. Linda says

    Medications that have pseudoephedrine has to be purchased at the pharmacist’s counter and there is a limit to how much you can purchase at once due to the fact the drug is also used to make crystal meth.

  18. Phyllis Saunders says

    CVS no longer carries the 24/7 skin products. Where can I buy just the GABA cream without haveing to mix a bunch of other stuff. This mixture of Sudafed and Gama, is this the only way to get a cream with GABA? Give me a name brand with the GABA is it, please.

  19. says

    Hello! I would like to post that you can purchase the GABA Super Antioxidant Cream directly from the manufacturer – Platinum Skin Care Inc. This GABA wrinkle cream is geared towards normal-oily skin types. They have the Derma Snap 8L for normal-dry skin types. BOTH are neuro-peptides, which aid in slowing down the muscle contractions in the facial area. Best results after a couple of weeks or months, as the ingredient builds up in the tissues. You can mix your pseudoephedrine directly into the cream and apply to the eye area. We have found that the higher % of pseudo works best.

  20. Diana says

    Today, I purchased the cheapest box (store brand) of pseudoephedrine for 4.99. I went home, crushed it finely in a mortar with a pestle and mixed it with a few squirts of my favorite face lotion. I took a fan brush and covered my entire face and neck. It took a few minutes for the tingling to be felt and about five minutes later, I was ecstatic to see my face and neck look tighter and younger…without surgery! Thank you Dr. Oz for having guests provide us with such great advice!!

  21. C says

    Please help me with this swirl because it’s not working…I crushed one tablet of pseudoephedrine hcl 120 mg and mixed it with 1/2 teaspoon of my eye cream and it came out pasty and didn’t tighten my skin at all. I tried mixing the crushed tablet with 1/2 teaspoon of GABA cream and that turned out pasty, also. I’m eager to mix it properly and have my wrinkles minimized after applying. How exactly is this supposed to be mixed and why isn’t it working on my skin? Thanks.

  22. says

    I don’t even know how I ended up right here, but I assumed this put up used to be good. I do not recognise who you’re however definitely you’re going to a well-known blogger when you are not already. Cheers!

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