Dr Oz: Anti Aging in Your 30’s: Retinol & Baby Botox


Doctor Oz gave great Anti Aging advice for people in their 30’s.  In your 30’s, life is complicated with relationships, kids, and a career.  You will notice subtle chances in your face from smoking, drinking, tanning and pollution which will take a toll on how you look.  Collagen begins to be lost and fine lines may creep onto your forehead, around your eyes and around your mouth. Dr Oz Baby Botox


  1. says

    Hi Priya! So are you going to get baby botox? Let me know how you like it… maybe you can push me over the edge to go do it too 🙂

  2. Gina says

    I am going to be 30 in November. I have fine lines and wrinkles around my mouth, between my brows and deeper set lines on my forehead. I have an appointment (wth my medical doctor) next week for botox injections. Should he know the difference between regular botox and baby botox? Is it just a matter of the amount used in the syringe? Would love to find out b4 I go and pay a fortune.

    Also, I have heard conflicting reports: that the younger botox is performed, the less likely it will work as you get older, true or false?


  3. says

    Gina, I did a little research on Baby Botox for you and read the following at http://www.miloclinic.com/treatments/baby-botox.aspx:

    “So what is “baby botox” exactly? Baby botox is a term which was first coined in the USA, and it was in part because of Martin Scorsese the movie director, who complained that too many of his actresses were “frozen” and unable to act. Many of these actresses started seeking botox treatments which work, are more natural and wear off more quickly in time for their next part on the big screen.

    The baby botox treatments involve tiny doses of botox which are injected into the usual areas. The results are still very similar to when normal doses are given, but more movement is present and it does wear off more quickly. The patient may have to return for the next treatment after 2 months but in time however even with baby botox, the results will last a lot longer.”

    Sounds like a doctor will know what you are looking for if you say baby botox, especially if you convey concern over not being left with the ability to be as expressive in your face afterward. I am not a doctor, so of course I cannot give medical advice and I have no idea if getting botox when you are younger makes it less likely to work as you age… but if anyone reading this knows the answer, I’d love to know too! If nothing else, I’d definitely ask your doctor for his / her opinion when you got for your visit.

  4. Sandy says

    I am 31 and just got my first dose of Botox in between my eyebrows. I also got a prescription for Retinol .05%. The Botox is awesome! I am on week one and already my 2 wrinkles are gone. I still have some movement when I frown which I like. The Retinol is tricky though. You need to play around with the number of times you apply during the week. Right now I am doing every other day at night with lots of moisturizer and so far minimal flaking. I see myself keeping up with the regimen until the Dermatologist tells me to do something different. I am sooo happy! I felt very overwhelmed by all the products out there. I highly recommend seeing a cosmetic dermatologist.

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