Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Lab & Aging Suit: MIT AgeLab & Joseph Coughlin

Dr Oz did a segment called the Anti-Aging Lab where for the first time on television, a lady tried on an Aging Suit made by researchers at MIT to simulate what it feels like to be a 74 year old woman.  Doctor Oz was joined by Joseph Coughlin, Director of MIT AgeLab, to talk about the suit called AGNES (Age Gain Now Empathy System).

Dr Oz: AGNES Aging Suit

Joseph Coughlin said that they built AGNES to help an average person feel like an elderly person by doing things like reducing strength, reducing joint movement, Dr Oz MIT Aging Suitcreating arthritic hands, making a stiffer neck, and reducing your confidence in every step you take.  The idea is to make students, engineers and designers have an “aha” moment so that they can see what it feels like to be 74 years old.

Dr Oz: Prevent Aging

Dr Oz gave three ways to stop getting older:

Dr Oz: Omega 3’s

Dr Oz said that to help lubricate your joints and to increase your flexibility you should do two things.  First, take Omega 3 supplements.  Second, do stretches daily to touch your toes, because this can help you to avoid small injuries.

Dr Oz: Lutein Supplement

Dr Oz said that you should eat foods rich in Lutein and Zeaxanthin like carrots and peppers.  Or you should take a Lutein Supplement to help your eyes and prevent Macular Degeneration.

Dr Oz: Balance Exercise

Dr Oz’s final Anti-Aging tip is to perform a daily balance exercise.  Lift up one leg in front of you and squat down and up on just one leg.  The reverse legs and repeat.  If this is too hard, first try improving your balance to stand on just one leg.  By improving your balance, you also increase your confidence to be able to drive, walk and live independently.

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