Dr Oz Anti-Aging Produce List: Watercress, Apricots, Blood Oranges


Dr Oz did a segment called 5 Age Defying Fruits & Vegetables with Kate Geagan, author of Go Green, Get Lean.  Nobody looks in the mirror and wants more gray hair or more wrinkled skin, but did you know that one of the simplest secrets to looking young are the Anti-Aging Fruits and Vegetables in your kitchen?  Doctor Oz said that the antioxidants in many fruits and vegetables are miracle molecules that make our skin look fresher and younger while fighting off Cancer, Heart Disease and maybe even Alzheimer’s Disease.  Kate Geagan said that if you see brightly colored fruits or vegetables, you can be sure that mother nature put it there to protect the plant from free-radical damage from the sun.  You can think of your grocery’s produce section as Mother Nature’s Pharmacy.

Dr Oz: Watercress For Eyes

Kate Geagan told Dr Oz that watercress is a great Anti-Ager for your eyes.  The peppery taste of watercress makes it delicious served on top of a lean protein or mixed into a salad. Dr Oz Anti-Aging Fruits & Vegetables

Dr Oz: Apricots Make Skin Glow

Geagan said that apricots are only 20-30 calories a piece and are packed with potassium which is great for Cardiovascular Health.  Apricots also have beta-carotene which is a strong anti-oxidant and research says that apricots can give your skin a winter glow.

Dr Oz: Cucumbers Reduce Wrinkles

Geagan said that cucumbers have silica, which is essential for connective tissue and to plump wrinkles and boost collagen production.  Dr Oz said that he never knew it, but that the skin of the cucumber is the best part for you.  So try to get un-waxed cucumbers.  You can usually tell if a cucumber has wax because it will be shiny, but also if you rub the skin, you should be able to smell it if there is no wax.

Dr Oz: Blood Oranges for Immunity

Dr Oz said that Blood Oranges smell amazing.  They have more Vitamin C than regular oranges and the purple pigment found only in blood oranges act like an anti-oxidant for your skin.  You get 130% of the necessary Vitamin C for a day in a medium blood orange, which is of course great for immunity.  Kate Geagan said that fruit is a great way to perk up the flavor, texture and taste of a salad.

Dr Oz: Eggplant is Brain Food

Dr Oz, being from Turkey, said he loves eggplant and babaganoush which is pureed eggplant.  Kate Geagan said that eggplant is great as a meat substitute and the power is all in the eggplant’s skin which is where it has the antioxidants.  Eggplants help to protect the fat membranes of your brain cells, and that is why eggplant is literally called Brain Food!

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