Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Secrets from the $1 Store

Doctor Oz did a segment on great Anti-Aging Secrets from the Dollar Store.  Audrey Kunin joined Dr Oz to give the list of four items that can help fight off old age and not break the bank, since all of the products were found at the $1 Store! Dr Oz Anti-Aging Secrets from the Dollar Store

Anti-Aging Secrets from the Dollar Store

Exfoliation Mit & Canned Pumpkin

Audrey Kunin told Dr Oz that the epidermis, or the outermost layer of skin, can get dry, drab and blotchy in appearance.  By using Exfoliation Mits along with Canned Pumpkin, you can get beautiful skin.  The canned pumpkin contains alpha hydroxy, and while Dr Oz had a note on the screen to just use plain canned pumpkin with no flavors added, Kunin kept saying to used Pumpkin Pie Filling.  I personally would stick with the plain Canned Pumpkin.

Vitamin C Moisturizer with Ascorbic Acid

Audrey Kunin said that as you age, your dermis begins to sag, and if you want it to look firm and toned, you should try using a vitamin c lotion that contains Ascorbic Acid.  I am shocked that she found this at the $1 store because I just bought a vitamin C serum (which I love) at Whole Foods for $40 – you can read my review of the product here: Vitamin C Serum Review!

Lip Plumper with Tribehenin

Audrey Kunin told Dr Oz that we don’t want fat in most places, but we do want fat in our lips!  So if you want to plump up your lips and get pouty lips, look for a lip plumper with Tribehenin listed as an ingredient.  The Tribehenin will temporarily plump up your lips and trap fluid in them.  You might feel a slight sting when you apply Tribehenin, but overall Dr Oz seemed to find it pleasant.

Ginseng Tea Wrinkle Remover

We get creases on our face from all of the smiling from over the years, so try applying a Ginseng Tea Bag compress over your eyes to relax the muscles and the lines.  You want to moisten the Ginseng Tea Bag, but make sure it is not too hot before applying it to your crow’s feet!


  1. carl knoepel says

    Hay, Dr Oz love yoiur shows. watch you every day and I am glad that you are sending me mail that i can read to help me remember the shows. I suffered a tramanic brain injujry in 96. Can you recommend some memory inhancing foods? I am 59 and starting to feel numdness and tingling in m feet. I suspect that it is poor circulation starting. Can you recomend any thing to increase the circulation in my feet

  2. San says

    I have looked all over town for the vit c lotion. I looked at the dollar General Store . The dollar Tree, wal-mart, kroger, big lots,family dollar, Sally’s and Roses. I cannot find any lotion with the vit c that they talked about. I did find one at Wal Greens for 21.00 dollars I did not think it would save me money. If anyone has found it please comment. Thanks

  3. Rhea Harper says

    San, I too went looking at various Dollar Stores and Walmart for the low-cost C Lotion. I did not find anything similar at the Dollar Stores or Walmart, but I did at the CVS drugstore. I purchased a new Advanced Cream Cleanser with vitamin C for $2.89 and the the CVS All Day Moisture Lotion with Vitamins E and C for $6.99. These products were compared with L’Oreal and Olay at a much lower cost. I am on my second day using both products and really like both of them. Your face feels extremely soft and has a nice glow. I am 49 and have much more expensive products but I think I’m going to stick with these…

  4. Erin says

    I, like San and yourself, went everywhere but CVS looking for the Vitamin C lotion. Is it a lotion or a serum? I find that serums are too liquified and greasy for me. I am going to try the items you mentioned though.


  5. Lynette says

    You need to look for the ingredient ascorbic acid, which is vitamin C. However, I looked at various stores as well and did not find much with ascorbic acid. I have sensitive skin and what I did find were for normal skin types. So far I have not purchased any.

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