Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Secrets of Supermodels– Diet & Exercise Tips

Doctor Oz did an episode on Anti-Aging Secrets of Supermodels with Cheryl Tiegs, Beverly Johnson and Carol Alt.  Here are the Supermodels secrets to get a fabulous body at any age: Anti-Aging Secrets of Supermodels

Cheryl Tiegs: Breakfast & Pedometer

Cheryl Tiegs told Dr Oz that she does eat carbs!  In fact, for breakfast, she has a high-fiber and high-protein bread.  In addition, Cheryl makes sure to walk 10,000 steps every day by using a Pedometer.

Beverly Johnson: Pick a Sport You Love

Beverly Johnson told Dr Oz that she loves to play golf, and that physical fitness and sports keeps both your body and mind young.  So pick a sport that you love, and play it regularly!

Carol Alt: Raw Food Diet

Carol Alt told Doctor Oz that she is mainly on a Raw Food Diet right now, and she has never felt this great.  While on a Raw Food Diet, you don’t eat any food that is processed or cooked over 116 degrees, because higher temperatures kill enzymes that help with digestion and with your body absorbing nutrients.  Also, Carol Alt uses a Stability Ball while she works at her desk, so that she gets a core workout while she works!



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