Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Secrets of Supermodels – Sweet Almond Oil Hair


Doctor Oz did an episode on Anti-Aging Secrets of Supermodels with Cheryl Tiegs, Beverly Johnson and Carol Alt.  Here are the Supermodels secrets to get younger looking skin:  Sweet Almond Oil Hair

Cheryl Tiegs: Sweet Almond Oil for Dry Hair

Cheryl Tiegs told Doctor Oz that she uses Sweet Almond Oil to prevent dry, brittle hair and to add a lot of shine to her hair.  Plus, Sweet Almond Oil will add moisture to your hair and keep your hair healthy so that it can grow longer without getting breakage.

Beverly Johnson: Biotin Foods for Dull Hair

Beverly Johnson told Dr Oz that she eats foods rich in Biotin, a B vitamin, to prevent dull hair.  In addition to taking Biotin Supplements, you can eat Biotin-rich foods like egg yolks, milk and legumes.  Biotin helps promote hair growth and can prevent thinning hair.

Carol Alt: Water Filter – a Flat Hair Remedy

Carol Alt told Dr Oz that she uses a Shower Filter to filter the water in her shower, because the chlorine and minerals in your water can dry out your skin and hair.  Here are instructions for how you can Make Your Own Hard Water Softener for your shower for just a few dollars.

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