Dr Oz: Anti-Alzheimer’s Diet: Curry, Coffe & Antioxidants


Dr Oz: Alzheimer’s Disease Diet

Doctor Oz presented an Alzheimer’s Prevention Plan on today’s show and then went on to give us an Anti-Alzheimer’s Disease Diet.  You’ve heard that diet and exercise can keep your body healthy. You may even know that working out your brain by playing a word games, such as a crossword puzzle or even Scrabble may help to reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s disease. Medical professionals even suggest playing an instrument to reduce the advancement of Alzheimer’s. Another way to reduce your risk is by eating the right foods. In this segment, Dr Oz brought out Dr. Gary Small, MD, to show you what foods can help fight Alzheimer’s.

Dr Oz: Anti-Alzheimer’s Disease Diet

1. Fish- eating halibut, salmon or anchovies are great ways to help prevent Alzheimer’s.


  1. mimi gardiner says

    will definately try this. M y 61 yr. friend has FTD, is there any help for this disease ? Please talk about this.

  2. says

    Hello Dr. OZ,
    Recently I read that 3 concussions will lead to Alzheimer’s and that 50% of the population will have it by the time we reach 85. I am a lady who has a bipolar brain and has had 1 concussion, 7 whiplash injury accidents and TMJ (surgery). All of my conditions affect my brain. I spent the last 3 years taking a natural product for my brain that gets into the cell and recycles and reproduces glutathione. I’ve known for years that all the medications I was taking were not always helping and made living impossible. The side effects were combining with other medications and how does that effect the brain? Once I researched glutathione in the brain and lived with the effects of increasing my gsh I am thrilled to say the inflamation in my bipolar brain has changed. I am enjoying deeper sleeps, balanced weight and energy. I don’t feel the changes from mania to depression it’s all just living….I have my memory, my thoughts are clear and focused, I have only experienced one week of depression in 3 years (from a death) which I realized needed more GSH. I have a calmer body, I have lost my “anger” pains, I do not get migraines (I am running once again at 49) and knowing if any of my symptoms occur for whatever reason I can increase my gsh without SIDE EFFECTS….I still take some of my medications but I have been able to use the supplement inplace of most of them. The best part was leaving an unhealthy living arrangement which is perceived as the cause of the mental illness. I am choosing a healthy lifestyle because I listened to 2 World Class Scientists and followed the advise on Pubmed.gov….where is clearly states bipolar/depression is due to oxidative stress of the cells and low glutathione. I watch my grandmother die as she had a dementia. It robbed her of her speech and thinking. The Cell had the answer for my brain but it wasn’t until I had another severve whiplash that I realized HOW well it protected my brain cells. While seeking treatment at time and increasing my glutathione levels for pain and inflamation. I felt my eye “detox”. The GSH in my eye cells went to where the body needed them to go. I have been told my brain is “healthier” because I can “see” my condition in the eyes of other’s. I have researched many articles on GSH in the body and know it has to be recycled and reproduced in the cell to get through the brain barrier. It’s not a CURE for my bipolar but I know others who are experiencing changes with their health and especially the brain. We deplete Glutathione as we age and it depletes further after our twenties by 10-15% and every decade after. What is protecting our cells? My brain experiences can help others that learn about the powerful antioxidant/antitoxin in our CELLS. This is not about compensation it’s about “paying it forward” What’s a brain worth?

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