Dr Oz: Anti-Cancer Superfoods: Papaya, Shrimp, Cashews & Beets

As part of the Dr Oz Cancer Proof Your Life show, Doctor Oz spoke about what you should be eating to fight off Cancer.  Here is Dr Oz’s 4 Anti-Cancer Superfoods that we should make sure to include in our diet.  Dr William Li said that many of the same chemicals that they research and believe might prevent or cure Cancer are the same chemicals found in a variety of fruits, vegetables and spices. Dr Oz 4 Anti-Cancer Superfoods

Dr Oz Anti-Cancer Superfood #1: Papaya

Dr Oz clues for this Anti-Cancer Superfood are that the fruit has a buttery consistency, is tropical, has lots of vitamin C and you should not let its odor throw you off.  The answer was papaya, which is high in Lycopene, the same cancer fighting ingredient found in tomatoes, but it also has two other anti-cancer ingredients.  Eating 1 papaya or more a week can reduce your risk of Cervical Cancer.

Dr Oz Anti-Cancer Superfood #2: Jumbo Shrimp

Dr Oz said that this Anti-Cancer Superfood is found in the seafood section and its protein is jumbo.  The answer was jumbo shrimp, but I wonder why jumbo shrimp are better than regular shrimp?  Dr William Li said that eating 8-9 shrimp per day reduces the risk of breast cancer.  Dr Oz said that some people are worried about the cholesterol in shrimp, so you can substitute any fish that is rich in omega 3 fatty acids (which starve cancer cells) – like salmon, haddock or sardines.

Dr Oz Anti-Cancer Superfood #3: Cashews

Dr Oz’s clue for the third Anti-Cancer Superfood is that is it found in the nut section and is in the shape of the organ that produces urine.  The superfood is cashews, which contain Proanthocyanidins and reduce the risk of Colon Cancer by eating just 12 cashews a day.  Proanthocyanidins help to starve tumors and keep cancer cells from dividing.

Dr Oz Anti-Cancer Superfood #4: Beets

Dr Oz’s final Anti-Cancer Superfood is a root vegetable that is great in soup or salad – beets.  I do not think I have ever had beet soup, but I absolutely adore beets in salad.  Beets contain Betanins which are anti-androgenic.  You can reduce your risk of Kidney Cancer by eating just 1/4 cup of beets per day.


  1. Diana Nolan says

    Dr. Oz,
    Will tea (green and black) give the same benefits for anticancer that caffeinated coffee give?

  2. Diana Nolan says

    Will green and black tea give the same anticancer benefits that caffeinated coffee give?
    Will caffeinated sodas have any anticancer benefits?

  3. mary says

    Dr. Oz,
    Please can you give me some information about chlorella and your suggestion and advice about it. Thank you.
    P.S: i am watching your show everynight and very much appreciate your information

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