Dr Oz Anti-Diabetes Cocktail & Grape Seed Extract Prevents Cancer


Dr Oz’s Quick Fix Hour!  60 Seconds to Save Your Life

In this segment, Dr Oz discussed 4 common health concerns, which included heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer.  With the aid of audience members, Dr Oz gave information on how to change your health forever in just minutes.  Answer the questions below and find out how you can start to reverse your risk of these issues.

Dr Oz: Fiber & Vinegar Anti-Diabetes Drink

Alexandria, an audience member, came to the stage to help Dr Oz.  Alexandria lost 30 lbs, however, diabetes runs in her family. She takes necessary precautions by eating right and exercising.


  1. gina adkins says

    With many kinds of grape seed extract, and wanting to prevent cancer, what % of what should we look for within each capsule? Does being “organic” make a difference?

  2. Deborah says

    Drinking a 8oz. a day is healty for a person diabetic and should this be taken morning or evening time?

  3. craig says

    Hello dr. Oz, my doctor that I’m pre-diabetic @ 6.3 diabetesi @ 6.5 will this fiber/vinegar drink reverse this current level of 6.3 or maintain it as is….? I’m not over weight, I stand 5’10 tall, @ 175 pounds, waist 32*

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