Dr Oz Anti-Diabetes Cocktail & Grape Seed Extract Prevents Cancer

By on October 24, 2011

Dr Oz’s Quick Fix Hour!  60 Seconds to Save Your Life

In this segment, Dr Oz discussed 4 common health concerns, which included heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer.  With the aid of audience members, Dr Oz gave information on how to change your health forever in just minutes.  Answer the questions below and find out how you can start to reverse your risk of these issues.

Dr Oz: Fiber & Vinegar Anti-Diabetes Drink

Alexandria, an audience member, came to the stage to help Dr Oz.  Alexandria lost 30 lbs, however, diabetes runs in her family. She takes necessary precautions by eating right and exercising.

1. How Do You Keep Blood Sugar From Spiking?

a. Fiber vinegar cocktails
b. Lemonade with lavender

Answer: a. Fiber and vinegar cocktail is the best anti-diabetes drink.  Dr Oz demonstrated this point with the use of marbles (representing sugar) and 2 beakers filled with a liquid.  The first beaker contained the lemonade with lavender mixture; the second, fiber and vinegar.  Dr Oz dropped the first marble (sugar) into the lemonade and lavender beaker.  Immediately, the marble (sugar) fell to the bottom.  Dr Oz dropped the second marble into the beaker filled with the fiber and vinegar mixture.  The fiber slowed down the marble’s (sugar) ability to pass through, which indicated that with this mixture, sugar will not be absorbed as readily.

How to make:
8 oz water
4 tsp vinegar
1 tsp of psyllium fiber

Mix together and drink before dinner.  Alexandria tasted the concoction and stated it tasted like Tang.  Sounds good to me!

Dr Oz: Grape Seed Extract & Cancer

Dr Oz invited another audience member to the stage.  She stated that cancer has impacted relatives on both sides of her family.

2. Which Quick Fix is Best For Cancer?
a. Grape seed extract
b. White bean extract

Answer: a. Grape seed extract because it is full of antioxidants to help protect cells from free radicals.  Grape seed extract is best for breast and colon cancer.  Take 200 mg a day.

Dr Oz: Aspirin At Night Prevents Heart Attacks

For this question, Dr Oz invited an audience member up to the stage.  She stated she tries to educate herself and that her kids help her walk and dance to keep active.  She ended up calling up her daughter to the stage to help her with the answer.

3. As Dr Oz noted many times on his previous shows, aspirin is effective in reducing the risk of heart attacks, however, is it best to take the aspirin at night or in the morning? Dr Oz Anti-Diabetes Drink

a. Night
b. Morning

Answer: a. Night is best.  Take 2 baby aspirin a day if you’re over the age of 40.  Taking them at night will give you the full benefits.  Early morning, your blood is like sludge.  Morning is also when most heart attacks are likely happen.  By taking the pill the night before, your blood will be thinned out and will help your blood flow much faster.

Dr Oz: White Fruits Prevent Strokes

Dr Oz called up an audience member who stated that strokes run in her family.  Her family talks about how to keep risks down since her aunt had a stroke and then a subsequent heart attack.

4. Which Quick Fix is Best for a Stroke?

a. White fruits
b. Purple fruits

Answer: White Fruits are best.  Studies have shown that the white flesh seems to protect against a stroke, so go for foods such as cauliflower, pears an , bananas. White fruits also help bring down the blood pressure and cholesterol level as well as reduce the risk of a stroke.

To demonstrate this, Dr Oz used an animation of the heart pumping blood through the vessels . The blood passes through the vessels and heads toward the brain. When the vessels pop, it causes swelling and can be harmful to the brain.  It’s like someone punched the brain.

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Comments to Dr Oz Anti-Diabetes Cocktail & Grape Seed Extract Prevents Cancer

  1. there are many kinds of GRAPE SEED EXTRACT. Which do you suggest for QUICK FIX OF Preventing CANCER?

  2. gina adkins says:

    With many kinds of grape seed extract, and wanting to prevent cancer, what % of what should we look for within each capsule? Does being “organic” make a difference?

  3. What kind of vinegar for the fiber/vinegar cocktail for diabetes???

  4. Drinking a 8oz. a day is healty for a person diabetic and should this be taken morning or evening time?

  5. Hello dr. Oz, my doctor that I’m pre-diabetic @ 6.3 diabetesi @ 6.5 will this fiber/vinegar drink reverse this current level of 6.3 or maintain it as is….? I’m not over weight, I stand 5’10 tall, @ 175 pounds, waist 32*

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