Dr Oz: Anti-Ovarian Cancer Diet: Sea Bass, Endive & Red Onion


Dr Oz: Ovarian Cancer Diet

Dr Oz brought Dr William Li on his Ovarian Cancer show to discuss an Anti-Ovarian Cancer Diet that can reduce your risk of getting Ovarian Cancer by 75%!  Dr Li said that when he would see cancer patients at his clinical practice, the last thing they would always ask him before leaving was if there was anything they should be eating.  He lost two uncles to cancer (one to Colon Cancer and one to Liver Cancer), and that has influenced his cancer research as well.  He believes that to prevent a disease like cancer, you have to find a way that is safe and widely available.  Food is essentially a medicine that we take at least three times a day.  Data shows that mother nature puts the same chemicals into fruits, vegetables and spice that scientists study in the lab to fight Ovarian Cancer.  Dr Li told Doctor Oz that some foods can reduce your risk of getting Ovarian Cancer by up to 75%, which is pretty remarkable!  While we can’t control a lot of risk factors like genetics or family history, we can control the food that we eat to help protect us from getting Ovarian Cancer.

Dr Oz: Endive Fights Ovarian Cancer

Dr William Li told Dr Oz that the first part of the Anti-Ovarian Cancer Diet is to eat endive, which is a vegetable that makes a great salad.  Endive is part of the chicory family and looks like a yellow / white tulip that has not yet opened (that should help you to locate it at the grocery store).  Studies have shown that eating endive can reduce your risk of getting Ovarian Cancer by 75%, because they contain a chemical that causes Ovarian Cancer cells to die, plus it starves the cancer cells so that they cannot grow.  The trick with endive is tor remember that you must eat them raw.  Dr Li suggested eating 1/2 cup of endive two times a week.

Dr Oz: Sea Bass Fights Ovarian Cancer

Dr Li’s second Anti-Ovarian Cancer Diet food is Sea Bass.  A series of studies done on 18,000 people in Northern Italy found that by Dr Oz Anti-Ovarian Cancer Foodseating fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids, you reduce your risk of Ovarian Cancer by 30%.  Dr Li told Dr Oz that he prefers Branzino or Mediterranean Sea Bass, which is absolutely delicious!  Dr Li said to eat 6 ounces of Sea Bass (which is about the size of your palm) two to three times per week.

Dr Oz: Red Onions Fights Ovarian Cancer

Dr William Li’s final Anti-Ovarian Cancer Diet food is red onion, which contains three cancer fighters.  Studies done in both Italy and Switzerland found that red onion can reduce Ovarian Cancer by 73%.  Dr Oz asked why red onion as opposed to white onion or yellow onion?  Dr Li said that red onion have 60% more cancer fighting ingredients than other onions.  However, you should not boil onions because that reduces their cancer fighting properties by 30%.  Instead, just cook them in a pan with a little oil.  Dr Li said you should try to eat 1/2 cup of red onion every day.  This might sound like a lot, but you can sprinkle it on salads or saute red onion with your protein for dinner.  You could even add red onion to an omelet for breakfast!


  1. Lisa Buckler says

    I was told that the CA125 test is not a good test because it changes often because of hormones. I was told this by 2 doctors when I asked for the test because my grandmother died of Ovarian Cancer, which ended up in her bones. Is that enough to detect it in time is what I wonder now. Thanks for the information on your show.

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