Dr Oz Antioxidant Guide: Isothiocyanates & Anthocyanins

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Dr Oz Antioxidant Guide: Isothiocyanates & Anthocyanins

By on April 10, 2012

Dr Oz: Ultimate Antioxidant Guide

Looking for ways to supercharge your foods to get the maximum health benefits? On today’s show, Doctor Oz was joined by Registered Dietician, Kristen Kirkpatrick, to show you how to eat the colors of the rainbow in order to boost your antioxidants.

Dr Oz's Antioxidant Guide

Dr Oz's Antioxidant Guide

Dr. Kirkpatrick told Doctor Oz that most folks are not getting enough of the right foods in order to boost the benefits that antioxidants offer. She said people don’t realize what they’re doing to their bodies by not including these foods.

Dr Oz: Yellow & Orange Foods

These are foods that contain vitamin A, which promotes healthy organs. These foods also help our bodies fight against bacteria and viruses. They help in the prevention of cancer, heart attacks and even depression. These foods include bananas and carrots.

Dr. Kirkpatrick says to get the maximum benefits, you should cook carrots whole. When you cut, the surface area is increased and the nutrients can leak out. Also, look for a ripe banana. The ripening process brings out more antioxidants.

Dr Oz: Isothiocyanates in Green Foods

Green foods contain Isothiocyanates, which help to detoxify your body. Green foods also take away free radicals. Go for veggies like broccoli, parsley and cabbage.

Dr. Kirkpatrick says to properly prepare broccoli, chip and let sit for a few minutes to bring out the enzyme that helps fight cancer. Wait for 5-6 minutes after cutting before you cook.

Purchase fresh parsley in order to get the best health benefits. Also, enhance your cabbage by adding in vitamin C from a fruit like mandarin oranges. (It tastes pretty good too!)

Dr Oz: Anthocyanin in Purple Foods

Purple foods go in and prevent damage while helping to heal damage that has already been done. Eat foods like prunes, plums and berries. The deeper the color, the better. Purple foods reduces the risk for heart attacks and stroke. Studies found cabernet has the highest level of antioxidants. (Score!) Dr. Kirkpatrick says moderation is the key. Women can have 1 glass per day and men can have 2. (That’s okay, she hasn’t seen MY glass!)

Dr. Kirkpatrick says the most important antioxidant fighter are the green foods, stating the healthiest communities have more greens in their diets and are less likely to get cancers.

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