Dr. Oz: Appendicitis Risk & Prevention – Fiber Rich Diet for Healthy Appendix

Doctor Oz said that 1 in 12 Americans have their appendix taken out, and this is 20 times higher than the number of appendicitis cases in other countries outside of America.  So where is our appendix?  What is appendicitis?  What causes appendicitis?  And how can we avoid getting appendicitis?  Doctor Oz answered all of these questions!

Where is Your Appendix?

Your appendix is located on the lower right side of your intestines.

What Are Symptoms & Signs of Appendicitis?

Appendicitis usually starts as nausea and then turns into a stabbing pain in your lower right side.  People with appendicitis often note that it is especially painful to cough.

What Causes Appendicitis?

If food gets stuck in the opening of your appendix, then your appendix gets starved of blood and the pressure increases.  This pressure squeezes the wall of your intestine and blocks blood vessels, which then turns your appendix gangrene (like what happens if you cut off the circulation to a finger or other joint).  The main worry about appendicitis from Dr. Oz’s perspective is that if it ruptures, you will get the bile all over your intestinal tract and in regions of the body that this matter does not usually go to (and therefore your body doesn’t know what to do with it).

How to Avoid Appendicitis:

Eat a diet rich in fiber (like flax, leafy green vegetables, whole grains, etc.)  This way, when food goes through your intestinal tract, the thick fiber in your diet helps to clean our your intestines and anything that may be stuck in the opening of your appendix.


  1. Dr. Of Nutrition says

    Tired of Dr. OZ referring to different dietary aspects related (or possibly not) to diseases. When did you become a certified registered dietitian that you are able to provide this information to the public? You stick with your area of profession and let those certified do there jobs as well. Or should I consider doing an appendectomy because after all, I understand the complete procedure.

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