Dr Oz: Apple Pectin, Grape Seed Extract & Forskolin: Flat Belly Supplements

By on May 16, 2011

Dr Oz: Flat Belly Supplements

Dr Oz did a show called 5 Minute Miracles To Fight Fat.  Many of us have tried what seems like everything, but nothing works for us to lose weight.  Doctor Oz said that if we give him just 5 minutes, he will helps us fight our fat.  From the Zerona Laser Belly Fat Procedure to Flat Belly Supplements (like Apple Pectin, Grape Seed Extract and Forskolin) to a Flat Belly Salad Recipe to a Flat Belly Workout… the theme of today was definitely how to eliminate Belly Fat!

Doctor Oz said that so many people today say that it would take a miracle to be able to find 5 minutes in a busy day to be healthy.  But if you give him just Dr Oz Grape Seed Extract5 minutes a day, then Iron Chef Cat Cora, Dr Mike Roizen from the Cleveland Clinic and Jim Karas, a personal trainer to the stars, will help you to get a flat belly in no time.  First, lets start with Dr Oz’s Flat Belly Supplements, but make sure to check with your doctor and pharmacist before starting any new supplements to make sure that it is right for you and will not have negative effects due to other medical conditions or drugs that you currently take.

Dr Oz: Apple Pectin

Dr Oz’s first Flat Belly Supplement from Dr Michael Roizen was Apple Pectin.  If you eat food normally and there is no fiber or Apple Pectin in your diet, then it goes through your body really quickly so you get hungry soon thereafter.  However, if you take 500 mg of Apple Pectin, three times a day at the start of each meal, then Dr Roizen said that your stomach will stay full longer and you will not feel hungry and turn to snacks.  Doctor Oz said that a one month supply of Apple Pectin costs around $6.

Dr Oz: Grape Seed Extract

Doctor Oz’s second Flat Belly Supplement was Grape Seed Extract, which has lots of good benefits including that it increases the metabolism in your mitochondria so that you end up burning a lot of extra calories.  Dr Roizen said that eating grapes alone will not cut it, because most of us eat seedless grapes and you need the nutrients found in the seeds.  Take 150 mg of Grape Seed Extract once a day, which comes out to costing around $25 for an eight month supply.  Dr Oz said that Grape Seed Extract also helps if you have Edema or swelling in your legs.

Dr Oz: Forskolin

Dr Oz’s third Flat Belly Supplement was Forskolin, which helps to mobilize fat right outside of the cell.  Fat cells have fat within them, and if you take Forskolin, then overtime the fat gets mobilized and blows the fat particles out of the cells.  Forskolin costs around $23 / month.  Dr Roizen did warn that if you are of pregnancy-bearing age, you should check with your doctor before taking Forskolin.  But the truth is that you should check with your doctor before starting any new supplement anyway!

Dr Oz: Flat Belly Salad Recipe

Cat Cora said that her Flat Belly Salad Recipe is made up of four miracle fat-fighting foods.  Grapefruit is hydrating and decreases your appetite.   Chili Peppers help to burn calories.  Pistachios are one of the lowest fat and highest fiber nuts available, which also block carbs from being absorbed.  And finally, jicama keeps you full.  If you have never used jicama before, have no fear!  You just grate it like you would a potato or a carrot on a box grater.  Each serving is only 125 calories!  Click here for the full recipe: Dr Oz: Flat Belly Salad Recipe.

Dr Oz: Flat Belly Workout

Jim Karas taught Dr Oz his “Just Sit There Workout” that can help you lose 2″ from your waist in just 5 minutes a day.  You can even do this when you are at work and sitting behind your desk.  Here is what you do:

1.  Sit up straight with your shoulders relaxed and back.

2.  Tuck in your abs and squeeze your abs at the same time.

3.  Focus on squeezing and tightening both muscles simultaneously.

Now, when you are ready for a slightly harder variation on this Flat Belly Workout, add this:

4.  Slowly stand up and breathe.

5.  Then slowly sit back down.

Jim Karas said that he does not believe in crunches or sit-up’s, because this “sitting” and “standing” exercise actually boosts your metabolism so that you can burn fat in your midsection.  When you become even more advanced, here is the highest level of the exercise:

1.  Stand back-to-back against a partner or stand with your back straight against a wall.

2.  With your feet shoulder-width apart, sit down slowly.

3.  Make sure to keep your shoulders back and your abs tucked-in.

This exercise will work your gluts, hamstrings and everything simultaneously to help boost your metabolism.  Plus, it helps to teach your body good posture so that you can flatten your abs out.

Which of Dr Oz’s 5 Minute Miracles to Fight Fat are you going to try first?  Leave a comment below and share your goals and how they are working out for you!

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Comments to Dr Oz: Apple Pectin, Grape Seed Extract & Forskolin: Flat Belly Supplements

  1. Mrs. Wanda says:

    I am looking for something for adhesions and scar tissue on my ovaries please.

  2. K Carvell says:

    Thanks for doing these updates! Tried to find this info on the official Doc Oz site without any luck.

  3. Dinah Sutton says:

    How much Forskolin should you take per day to burn fat? Thanks !

  4. Dinah, Dr Oz mentioned during the “In case you missed it” segment that you should take 50 mg Forskolin Supplements twice daily. Hope that helps!

  5. K Carvell, I’m so glad that you find our recaps helpful :) … having loyal readers like you makes all of the hard work worthwhile!

  6. Can i take both the grape seed and the forskolin @ the same time,2 help burn fat ?.

  7. Dinah Sutton says:

    Thanks for that info !

  8. In Dr. Oz recap he said you can take 50 mg of the Forskolin twice daily. I DVR faithfully

  9. Where can you buy Forskolin

  10. Shirley, here is one place I found that you can buy it: Forskolin Capsules

  11. Sonja, thanks for catching the typo!

  12. maureen says:

    can I take the grapeseed and the Forskolin @ the same time daily to burn fat

  13. i will be trying all 3 supplements, the 5 minute lean on the wall (God help me) and maybe start a new fund for my Zerona treatment i would LOVE!!!!

  14. DINAH SUTTON says:

    The only Forskolin I find is 385 mg. I suppose I would take one per day ?

  15. Where does the Dr oz show come up with the prices on the products they promote?? My local vitamin store is NO WHERE NEAR what u guys are saying!:(

  16. Dinah, I found that too, and actually it’s 385 mg of Forskohlii, which is what Forskolin is extractred from. I read the bottle, it only has 3.85 mg of Forskolin per capsule. So my question is, how much Forskolin (versus Forskohlii, which is what forskolin is found in) should we be taking every day?

  17. Carol Jackson says:

    I wish Dr. Oz would quit recommending herbal products. I sell them and believe in them, but he is doing a disservice to his viewers. He is not giving proper dosages, giving warnings or contraindications, and he is promoting herbs for purposes not generally accepted. Please, Dr. Oz go back to heart surgery.

  18. O my goodness, seems like it could be bad to OUR HEALTH to take Dr Oz’s advise!! Guess I will have to stop watching!

  19. pharmrx says:

    You should absolutely check with either your pharmacist or doctor prior to taking supplements. I like that Dr. Oz puts information out, but I don’t like that no one is checking for the aforementioned contraindications. If you are on medicine, for anything, you need to check with an actual expert (not the internet) on whether or not it could have morbid reactions.

  20. I saw the show on Dr. Oz and went to Vitamin World to buy a bottle of Forskolin. They don’t carry it, but said their product “fucothin” is similar. Can I get feedback on this before I open the bottle? I cannot find Forskolin Thanks

  21. J laportel says:

    what are the contraindications for very well controlled hypertension and hypothyroidism ,medicatios are tenoretic and synthroid

  22. I would like to know the answer to the last question. My mother has thyroid problems and is on the same meds and then some. What are the side effects of these herbs for her. She has brought them but did ask me to look up the side effects.

    I started taking vitamins a few years ago. I lost a lot of weight. I went to talk to my doctor about it he said nothing against it. I was taking the grape seed but stopped. I will get back on it because I was loosing when I was taking it. Along with other things, I have LUPUS and was trying to see if the vitamins would help better than the medications that I take. I feel that I have been taking them for 17 years and I am still no better then Y keep taking them. I am trying new things. I feel that the doctors do just enough to coat the pain but not find out how to cure the pain.

  23. jackie tank says:

    I didn’t quite understand on the apple pectin, grape seed, forskolin. can we take all three or just one or the other. I got all three is that o.k. thanks

  24. Aleina H. says:

    I am with Jackie. Can we take all three?

  25. Tisha S says:

    I take the apple pectin 30inutes prior to a meal, but since it is a fiber you should wait about 1 – 2 hours to take any other medications because it will absorb them. My question is when is the best time to take the grape seed extract and the forskolin? Can I take the grape seed extract in the morning together of should i take the grape seed extract in the morning and the forskolin at night prior to bed? Help me please

  26. Vanessa says:

    I didn’t quite understand on the apple pectin, grape seed, forskolin. can we take all three or just one or the other. I got all three is that o.k. thanks

  27. i woud like to know if you can take all three at one time. do you take them at different times of day. are there any side affects

  28. i would like to know if you can take all three are there any side affects

  29. Where are yall finding forskolin and apple pectin? Grape seed extract is at Wal-Mart.

  30. I want to try one of these fat belly remendies.Which one is the best? Or should I try all three and see which one I get the best results from. I am very interested in these products. And I always watch Dr. Oz show

  31. Where can I buy these products? The apple pectin, grape seed,and the forskolin. Please answer these questions.

  32. To some of you asking, the three supplements mentioned can be taking whenever. The apple Pectin can be taking prior to meals to help with satiety. Similiar to Konjac root, minus the blood sugar regulation properties. As for Forslean being similiar to Fucothin, NO, NO!!! Fucothin is derived from Brown Seaweed. It does raise metabolism but works different than Forslean. To the women out there, please do more research on forslean. This is not a new product, it has been out for a while. Three years ago there was an article on this product on how it targets the fat receptors and YES, testosterone levels in people. Might not be for everyone!!!!

  33. Anyone find out where is the best place to buy Forskolin or Apple Pectin yet???

  34. I live in Az and can find all 3 products @ Sprouts and other healthfood stores, however since the Dr oz show it was blown off the shelves and the apple pectin and forskolin is on back order… Good luck to Everyone :) Hope I helped someone out there….

  35. I agree with many above. After the show the health food stores were sold out. I went to Amazon and it was shipped immediately.

  36. Where do you find Forskolin I have tryed health food stores and no one has it??? I take blood pressure meds will taking Forskolin hurt me?

  37. Thank you so much for these updates. I tried to find this information on the official Dr Oz site and couldn’t find it any where. I am an official Dr Oz fan1

  38. So glad you are enjoying our site Lisa! Welcome :)

  39. jackie tank says:

    no one ever answered my question on if you should take all three or just one of the 3 products. thank you

  40. I was wondering how long it takes these products to start working.

  41. I started only 2 of them already the next day after the show. I cannot find the FORSKOLIN in any of the herbal life stores – organics etc….

  42. How and when should these supplements be taken throughout the day. Also, can these be taken with glucommannan root and how and when????

  43. so coleus forskohlii extract is not forskolin? cuz my bottle just said 100 mg of that.

  44. also if you’re supposed to take 50 mg twice a day, is once a day 100mg ok because i bought 100mg tablets and they cant be cut in half, theyre powder on the inside.

  45. Gwen Keaton says:

    Well here a question I see asked but not answered. Can you take all three of the products Xr Oz mentioned here? Please provide s answer thx

  46. On the show he has the Apple Pectin as a syrup but I dint see anything but capsules for sale. Anyone know if its the sane result?

  47. Thanks for all the info.

    Where do you buy all these supplements? Would WHOLE FOODS have it or do I have to order some of them?

  48. Is anyone having any luck with these three items? I haven’t seen any results yet.

  49. Hannah did you find out? I also purcharsed the Coleus Forskohlii Extract. Are we taking the wrong thing? Mine says 18% Forskolin on the bottle (9mg).

  50. I think it is ok but your dose is way too low it should be 100-200 mg a day

  51. Honestly this worked for me, for years I’ve tried different things and nothing now I’ve been taking your advise and am already down 10lbs in less than a month. I especially lost with the forskolin.

  52. That’s great news!! Can you tell us exactly what brand and where you bought your Forskolin and how much you take everyday. Also, are you working out any?

  53. i buy all of my products from puritanpride.com. they have some nice sells. now as far as the forskolin they don';t have that but they have forslean extract 250 mg dont know if it is the same. i am still trying to find the forskolin.

  54. i just found a website total health discount vitamins.com i bought coleus forskolii extract for 13.65. free shipping if you order on line. two bottles cost me 27.30. 100mgs and the count is 60. thorne research and the phone number is: 1800-283-2833. this is the closest that i came up with

  55. Francoise says:

    I would like to know what are the most trustworthy brands for vitamins and supplements. Especially for Grape seed exctract and forskolin.

  56. I have been taking the supplements for about 5 months and have lost 32 pounds. This has been the easiest weightloss I have ever experienced. “I;m melting!” I have only made small changes in my overall diet. One meal with a sweet drink and reduced portions (easy with these supplements.). I sometimes have to force myself to eat. How many times have you said that while “dieting”?

  57. That’s great Michelle!! Can you tell us exactly what you are taking and where you purchased them from??? Thanks for your help!!

  58. Which kind of Forskohlii do you take and what amount per day? I could only find Coleus forskohlii. Please help.

  59. Which kind of Forskohlii do you take and what amount per day? I could only find with Coleus Please help.

  60. I have this bottle of GSE max. liquid concentrate for losing weight how the heck do I take it and it says its for all kinds of other things lice,cleaning things ??? man what is this stuff and is it drinkable? thanks Cindy

  61. Hello,
    I have found a Forskolin product on the Swanson Vitamin website that is standardized to give 50 mg of Forkskolin per capsule. So you would take 2 -3 a day to get the dose Dr Oz recommends.
    Here is the link:http://www.swansonvitamins.com/PRM009/ItemDetail?SourceCode=INTL404

    Forskolin 50
    Be the first to write a review.
    Share on more Share on email Share on print
    SWANSON $25.90 RETAIL $49.99
    Item #: PRM009

    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size 1 Capsule
    Servings per Container 60
    Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
    extract (root)
    standardized to 20% yielding 50 mg active forskolin
    250 mg †

  62. This design is steller! You most certainly know how to keep a
    reader amused. Between your wit and your videos, I was
    almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Fantastic job.
    I really loved what you had to say, and more
    than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

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