Dr Oz Approved Junk Food Grocery List


Dr Oz: Junk Food

Dr Oz and junk food in the same sentence may seem weird, but yes, folks—Doctor Oz enjoys “junk” food occasionally. In this segment, Dr Oz used some moms and their kids to be the taste testers. This way you’ll know if they really hate it, because kids don’t lie—when it comes to food anyway.

Dr Oz asked the kids what types of foods they enjoyed and as you may have guessed, most of the kids answered donuts, cakes, cookies, pies etc. (Come to think of it, those are my favorites too!) Dr Oz Junk Food Dr Oz told Dawn, the mom from the family he spent the day with, that he didn’t see any junk food in her pantry. Mom told him that it was there, he just missed it. (She is waaay too truthful. LOL!)

Dr Oz Approved Junk Food Shopping List

Dr Oz Double Churned Ice Cream

½ cup of of double churned ice cream. This product contains only 100 calories per serving. Up the health factor by dropping in some blueberries for antioxidants. Look for the slow-churned, cold-churned or double-churned ice cream. Marissa, one young audience member, tried it and liked it. She enjoyed it so much that she even took another spoonful.

Dr Oz Sweet Potato Fries

Mya, a young audience member, told Doctor Oz that she loved fries A LOT. Dr Oz suggested getting as close to the “real” fries as possible. Cut up the sweet potato and use a bit of olive oil to heat them up. Sweet potato fries are high in fiber and contain vitamin A, which is a good for the heart. Dr Oz says studies show that 1 cup of sweet potatoes reduces the risk of cancer. Mya tried the fries and said they were “really, really good.” (I believed her.)

Dr Oz Dark Chocolate

Taylor stated that she only liked chocolate twice a year. (I had to laugh at that one!) Dark chocolate contains flavonoids to help lower your blood pressure. Taylor tried it and loved it. (Uh-oh, according to her she can only have chocolate one more time this year—lucky for her the year is almost over!)

Dr Oz Air Popped Potato Chips

Eat a single serving of a bag of air popped chips. This product contains no added corn oil or artificial preservatives. Brendan, a young audience member, tasted it. He gave it an “okay.”



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