Dr Oz: Are Diet Pills Safe? & Sleep Apnea Advice


Doctor Oz re-aired his show on Sleep Apnea and Diet Drug Safety for the third time this year!  I guess a lot of people must be struggling with Sleep Apnea and that Diet Drugs are a really large epidemic.  I am an all natural kind of lady in that I never have tried any diet pills or any quick diet fixes.  They just have never made sense to me .  I believe strongly in eating healthy meals and exercise as being the best, healthiest and most sure-fire way to lose weight and look great.  Have any of you tried Hoodia, Bitter Orange or Ephedra?  I would be interested in hearing other people’s experiences.  Even more interesting is the diet drug that Dr Oz said has been approved by the FDA called Oristat.  If you have had success with Oristat, please leave a comment below and share with everyone your experience using Oristat!  Diet Pill Safety



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