Dr Oz: Are J.Lo’s Curves Healthy? Why Big Butts Are Good For You


Dr Oz did a show called The Pulse where he covers the hottest headlines in health.  Doctor Oz was joined by Dr Janet Taylor, Dr Donnica Moore and Dr Corey Hebert to discuss all of these hot health news topics. Dr Oz J Lo Curves

Dr Oz: Why J. Lo’s Curves Are Healthy

Dr Oz said that if you have Jennifer Lopez’s Curves, then you may be in better shape than you think.  A study was done that found that people who take on weight above the waist have an increased risk of Diabetes and Heart Disease, whereas if you tend to gain weight below the waist, it has the exact opposite effect.  We have heard Dr Oz say it before – abdominal fat around your waist is bad for you because it increases your risk of getting metabolic diseases.


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