Dr Oz: Are You A People Pleaser? + No As A Complete Sentence


Dr Oz: Do You Put Others Before Yourself?

As part of his Blueprint for Balance, Dr Oz wanted to tackle those known as people pleasers. Gabrielle Bernstein, a life coach, admitted that she was dealing with her insecurities by saying yes to everyone too much. Gabrielle shared a check list that Dr Oz wanted everyone to go through. See if any of the following things apply to you:

  • You never say no when anyone asks you a favor, even if it’s going to put you out
  • You invest in more time, energy, and money in other relationships, and you don’t get the same in return
  • You’re worrying about what you should’ve said or done after things happen
  • You don’t feel good about yourself or what you did, unless people are complimenting you

If you checked three or more on the list, you’re likely a people pleaser.


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