Dr Oz: Are You Sabotaging Your Sleep? 5 Health Quiz


Dr Oz: Sleep Sabotage Test

Two-thirds of American’s are sleep deprived.  In this segment, Dr Oz brought up Veronica, an audience member who has trouble sleeping at night.  She only gets 5 hours of sleep per night when you should actually be getting 7-9 hours per night.

Dr Oz gave Veronica 4 Xs to place on items in the bedroom that could be making her sleep deprived.

Dr Oz: Sheet Chart

1. Do you sleep on white sheets?
a. yes
b. no


  1. Liyhann says

    Why does it say “5 Health Quiz” if there are only 4 items? Maybe was it the 5th health quiz that episode?

  2. Joe says

    Interesting! Not sure what are the science behind this. I happen to use yellow and golden yellow a lot, not that I knew these colors are good for sleeping but just happen that I like them. One would think blue and green should reflect light less than yellow.

  3. says

    Dr. Oz….I need to know the name of the socks you recommended for good sleep. I couldn’t catch the name on the show and I don’t see it here on your website. Please help Thanks

  4. says

    I have sleep apnea and use a cpap machine. I am sill tired during the day and have lots of trouble getting up in the morning. I do not have health ins. at this time so i cannot go back to the Dr. I am also a night owl from working many yrs. on the pm and night shift. It has also affected my marriage. My kids also get disgusted with me because i cannot sit down without falling asleep, but i cannot help it! I really need some help!

  5. Kathy says

    The sheet color advice makes no sense to me. I sleep (or don’t) on light colored sheets. What difference does the color make once the lights are turned off? When the bedroom lights are on, I’m looking up at a white ceiling and at papered walls with floral-on-white background. Do I paint my ceiling black? Darken the walls? Not getting the logic here.

  6. jo ann chuba-miller says

    I’m with Joe on the color of the sheets, unless of course it has something to do with the dye and that’s not good. I really don’t sleep, as for the socks, that’s just crazy for me, i wear flip flops all winter long, i live in k. falls or, so, definetly not the answer for me.
    from what i’ve read so far, no help!!! do like your show thou, oh, the cooling mattress sounds awesome, would order tonight, but, when u have another person sharing the bed that doesn’t work, love the idea, not realistic for all of us

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