Dr Oz: Are Your Leftovers Dangerous? Spoilage Bacteria & Regina Ragone

Dr Oz said that if you eat food with bacteria growing in it, you could get stomach pains and awful diarrhea.  So, Doctor Oz was joined by Regina Ragone RD, who is the Family Circle Food Director, to discuss Are Your Leftovers Dangerous?

Dr Oz: Spoilage Bacteria vs Pathogenic Bacteria

Regina Ragone told Dr Oz that Pathogenic Bacteria cause food-borne illness, like when food is kept at the wrong temperature (40-140 degrees are considered the danger zone generally).  Dr Oz Leftover Food ChartPathogenic Bacteria is what causes you to get very sick 6 hours after eating anything.  Spoilage Bacteria is when your food goes bad, and that is what Ragone and Dr Oz covered.

Dr Oz: How Long Salad Bag Lasts

A lot of us put food in our fridge and do not know when it will go bad.  A bad sign for a bag of salad is when you see moisture in the bag or if the bag has expanded, that usually means gas is being created from bacteria.  Ragone said that if you can see one leaf broken down in the salad bag, then you should get rid of it.  You can keep your salad good for longer by putting it in the crisper drawer which is the coldest part of the fridge with the least humidity.  You should only eat the salad for 3-5 days after you open the bag and always use it up by the expiration date.

Dr Oz: When To Throw Out Cold Cuts

If your meat and cold cuts look dry or have a slimey feel, then you should get rid of them.  Cold cuts only last 3-5 days after you open the package or 2 months in the freezer.

Dr Oz: When To Throw Out Chicken Broth

When you open a box of chicken broth, you have to use it within a week, otherwise it spoils and turns sour.  Sometimes you will see it puff up from gas, and this is a sign to toss it as well.

Dr Oz: Food Chart For Leftovers

Dr Oz said that we should all put this food chart on our fridge so that we know how long to keep food in our fridge for.  Also, get a fridge thermometer to make sure it is under 40 degrees all the time.  And write an Eat Me By Date on your food so that you do not forget when to throw it out.

Dr Oz: When To Throw Out Leftovers

You should eat leftovers within 3-4 days of bringing them home and make sure to keep it cold.


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