Dr Oz: Argireline Crows Feet Botox, Tomato Exfoliating Mask & Parsley Tea

By on February 3, 2012

Dr Oz: Argireline Crows Feet Treatment

Think you look older than you are? Dr Oz gives you 4 solutions to cheat your age and drop a decade. Find out his Botox alternative that requires no pain or needles.

Dr Oz says that the #1 complaint he constantly hears is that you feel you look older than you are.

Dr Oz Argireline

Dr Oz Argireline

So, he challenged the nation by asking people to guess a woman’s age just by her looks. His producers searched for the perfect woman to feature on the poll and finally came up with Diana, the lucky (or unlucky) woman, whose image was plastered everywhere, including the world famous Jumbotron in New York City. Then, they asked countless people how old they thought she was. Some guesses included 52, 54, 59 and 60. Was she older or younger than she looked?

In the studio, Diana told Dr Oz that she hated seeing her picture on the Jumbotron in NYC, but she was curious at people’s answers. The average age guessed was 53. (That would’ve been a great number if she wasn’t 44-years-old! OUCH!)

Diana told Dr Oz that she felt her eyes were “old looking.” When she looked in the mirror, she didn’t like what she saw. She couldn’t afford a facelift and didn’t know what to do. Being the true gentleman that he is, Dr Oz assured Diana that she didn’t need a face lift, but he could help her look and feel younger with at-home treatments.

Dr Oz: Argireline Cream vs Botox

-Crows feet: Argireline- this product works like botox but it’s a cream and there are no injections. Look for a 5%-10% concentration and apply 2 Xs per day.

Dr Oz: Parsley Tea

-Bags: Try OTC antihistamine. Parsley tea is packed with antioxidants. To prepare, make the tea, put into an ice tray, freeze and then put under the eyes to reduce bags.

Dr Oz: Retinoid Cream

Saggy neck: Retinoid creams help build up collagen in the skin. Use 1 X per week on the face and neck area.

Dr Oz: Tomato Exfoliating Mask

Dull skin: Exfoliating mask- This contains natural products and is inexpensive.
-1 large Tomato
-2 tsp sea salt
– ½ tsp raw honey.

Put on mask for 5 minutes. Salt has rough element for exfoliation and tomato has acidic content.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Argireline Crows Feet Botox, Tomato Exfoliating Mask & Parsley Tea

  1. robyn Miller says:

    Where do I find Argireline and Retinoid and how much is it? Thank you for mentioning exfoliation and the importance. I am a cosmotologist and did facials men as well as women need to do them. If you ever do a show about facials and or hair removal, women dont realize you can have it removed and it doesn’t come back thicker and heavier.You have great ideas and info Thanks, Robyn Miller

  2. i’m living in a middle east country. I would like to know if Argireline is available everywhere, or does exist it elsewhere under a different name ?

  3. Sylvia Nomura says:

    I recently bought a ‘botox alternative’ eye serum called Elite Serum. According to their marketing materials it contains a ‘very high concentration of Argireline’. I’ve been very happy with the results so far and it also reduced a problem I have always been having with dark circles under my eyes!

  4. Where can I buy argirline cream in Canada?

  5. Maria Jose says:

    Sylvia, do you have an elite serum coupon code?

  6. Were can I purchase Argireline Cream? Thank You

  7. Sylvia Nomura says:

    Maria Jose, My sister, who has been buying creams from Skinpro for years gave me one. It is Gift20. I saved $20. Enjoy!

  8. Maria Jose says:

    Thanks Sylvia, that worked! I’m anxious to try the Elite Serum. What a great looking package – how do you find it to dispense?

  9. Sylvia Nomura says:

    Hi Maria Jose, I’m glad that worked for you. I love this new airless syringe because you can get out every last drop! Definitely important when paying that kind of money for an eye serum.

  10. dear dr.oz,im in south africa,and i would really like to buy these creams.where can i get it in south africa durban please.its theArgireline cream,and the Rentinoid.
    please help very desepate.
    god bless,Alma.

  11. Makeupartistschoice.com carries it.

    20% off with coupon code aging

  12. Sunshine says:

    There are so many with argireline, which one has the 10% that Dr. Oz showed on his show? anyone know? Thanks

  13. Where can I find Argireline Cream?

    Thank you,
    Sarah English

  14. Sadie Sue says:

    Sunshine, try Elite Serum. It has worked for me. I beliee their product is at least 10% argireline. It erased all my wrinkles and I had alot of them!

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