Dr Oz: Arnica Gel Bruise Homeopathy & Lifecycle of a Bruise

Dr Oz did a segment on bruises and Homeopathy to treat bruises, such as using Arnica Gel.  How much do you know about bruises and the lifecycle of bruises?  Doctor Oz said that everyone has had black and blue marks which are sometimes painful, but sometimes there is a secret serious condition that is hiding.  Dr Oz’s Assistant-Of-The-Day, Cheryl from seat 103, said that her New Years Resolution is to learn to eat right since she is Diabetic, and skin conditions (including bruises) are a concern to Diabetics.

Dr Oz: What Is A Bruise?

Dr Oz said that in between your skin and your muscle is a layer of tissue that has lots of capillaries (or little blood vessels).  When the capillaries get hit, they can burst Dr Oz Arnica Gel Heals Bruisesand bleed which forms the bruise.

Dr Oz: Lifecycle of a Bruise

Dr Oz said that your bruise changes in color during the following time frames: 1-2 hours, 1-2 days, 5-10 days and 10-14 days.  Any of us who have had bruises have seen the progression from slightly red, to black and blue, to a greenish color.  In fact, I have a greenish colored bruise on my arm right now from a blood test that I had a week or so ago.

Dr Oz: Arnica Gel Homeopathy for Bruises

Dr Oz said that Homeopathy is a different way to think about healing bruises.  Arnica Gel is often used in Homeopathic treatments to treat bruises or soreness by applying it 2-3 times a day for a couple of weeks.  Arnica Gel is great for soreness and to get rid of bruises.  You can even use Arnica Gel for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome like Cheryl did on her friend.  Arnica Gel helps because it causes your body to heal itself, and the fact that it is a gel means that you massage it in which also helps.  Dr Oz also said that when you have blood problems, like bruising because your blood is too thin, you should use Acetaminophen rather than Aspirin, which thins your blood.


  1. brian c says

    My son showed me a bruise, It was under his left peck and above his stomach.
    I believe he got it from crashing his bike. It was round, about two inches in diameter, blue green and brown.
    My question, is what time frame would he have received that bruise if he showed me at 11pm?

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