Dr Oz: Arsenic Apple Juice: Gerber, Juicy Juice, Motts, Apple & Eve

By on September 14, 2011

Dr Oz: Arsenic in Apple Juice

Dr Oz’s Show “Arsenic Apple Juice: What’s In America’s Apple Juice” was a real eye-opener for many of us.  As Doctor Oz said, after milk, apple juice is often the first drink that we give to our kids.  But could there be a threat to our nation’s kids found in apple juice?  It turns out that Apple Juice might contain Arsenic, which overexposure to can be dangerous.  Arsenic could even cause Cancer or IQ problems.

Dr Oz: China Apples Have Arsenic

Doctor Oz said that it often starts in other countries, like China, where the apples are sprayed with pesticides that have Arsenic.  Then the apples are pressed and turned into Apple Concentrate which is imported into America.  China is not the only threat though, there is Apple Concentrate crossing our borders without regulation from Argentina and Brazil as well.  And it is not just Apple Juice that is made from the Apple Concentrate – it is also found in juice blends, candy, cookies, cakes and even “healthy snack bars” that are sweetened with apple juice rather than sugar.

Dr Oz: How Apple Juice is Made

Dr Oz said that to understand how Arsenic is getting into our Apple Juice, you have to look at the process for how it is made.  Most Apple Juice is not all American.  For example, the apples often come from China where the water supply has higher levels of Arsenic (more than the FDA allows in our water supply in America) and where they use pesticides that contain Arsenic.  Then, the apples are squeezed to make an Apple Concentrate which is sent to America.  In America, we mix the apple concentrate with water to make what ends up in our kid’s juice boxes.  The FDA has a limit on the amount of Arsenic that we can have in our drinking water, but there is no limit currently on how much Arsenic we can have in Apple Juice.  Furthermore, Patty Lovera from Food and Water Watch (a consumer group investigating this issue), said that the FDA has no limits on the level of Arsenic on foods that are imported.  Even more scary is the fact that less than 2% of the processed foods and seafood that is imported into America from other countries like China are even looked at.  Russell Greenfield, author of Healthy Child Whole Child, said that the limit for Arsenic in our children’s apple juice should be practically zero.  He said that the EPA has done a great job on lowering the acceptable limits of exposure to Arsenic, but that the FDA really has to step up.

Dr Oz: Arsenic Dangers

Dr Oz spoke a little bit about the health ramifications of having Arsenic in our Apple Juice.  When you consume Arsenic, the liver Dr Oz Arsenic Apple Juice toxifies and the toxins go into your cells which messes up how your DNA repairs itself.  This can lead to the formation of Cancer Cells, blotches on your skin, Cancer in your lungs, or it can even impact how your nerves work (which is why it can impact the IQ of children).  Doctor Oz said that he is arguing that unregulated Arsenic in Apple Juice in America is unacceptable, but he made it clear that he is not saying that Apple Juice is definitely causing Cancer in our children.

Dr Oz: Apple Juice Brands With Arsenic

Dr Oz went to a park in New York and collected unopened Apple Juice Boxes from moms who were about to give it to their kids.  He showed them how the boxes were marked with things like “Concentrate of China” or “Product of China” and explained how apples in China often have higher levels of Arsenic.  In addition to collecting some Apple Juice Boxes in the park, Doctor Oz collected dozens of Apple Juice samples across the country and sent them to an Independent Lab to test for arsenic.  In total, Dr Oz tested five apple juice brands and three dozen samples.  The results below can be compared to what the FDA has set as a tolerable threshold for Arsenic in our drinking water, which is 10 parts per billion.  The Arsenic Analysis Standard Deviation on the below results were +/ – 20%.

Minute Maid Apple Juice Arsenic Levels

–  Lowest Arsenic level: 2 parts per billion

–  Highest Arsenic level: 3 parts per billion

Apple & Eve Apple Juice Arsenic Levels

To be clear, this is the non-organic Apple & Eve Apple Juice with the picture of Big Bird on the front.

–  Lowest Arsenic level: 3 parts per billion

–  Highest Arsenic level: 11 parts per billion

Motts Apple Juice Arsenic Levels

–  Lowest Arsenic level: 4 parts per billion

–  Highest Arsenic level: 16 parts per billion

Juicy Juice Apple Juice Arsenic Levels

–  Lowest Arsenic level: 2 parts per billion

–  Highest Arsenic level: 22 parts per billion

Gerber Apple Juice Arsenic Levels

–  Lowest Arsenic level: 6 parts per billion

–  Highest Arsenic level: 36 parts per billion

Gerber, who many of us consider a safe brand for children and babies, had the Apple Juice sample with the highest amounts of Arsenic – 36 parts per billion which is 3.5 times more than what is allowed at the maximum in our drinking water.

Dr Oz asked the moms and dads from the park what they thought about these results, and these are just some of the words they used to describe their feelings: furious, angry, ridiculous, outraged and duped.  That pretty much sums up how I feel about these findings as well.

Doctor Oz asked Dr Greenfield how concerned should we be about these levels of Arsenic in Apple Juice?  He said that a single box of apple juice will not cause any harm probably, but it is the chronic toxicity from being exposed to it over and over that is the real problem.  He believes, like many of us, that Arsenic has no place in any levels in Apple Juice, especially the ones that are marketed to our kids as a healthy option!

Dr Oz said that drinking an Apple Juice Box is almost like playing roulette.  One day the arsenic levels are under 10, but the next day another box has Arsenic levels of 36 parts per billion.  But no Juice Boxes say the arsenic levels contained inside the box, so who is looking out for us?  The FDA should set Arsenic limits, but they have not set them for apple juice in America.  Dr Oz even called up the FDA and invited them on the show, but they declined and sent a statement instead that said “Sampling thus far does not indicate a safety concern for these products.”  Interestingly, the FDA has set an Arsenic limit for Pear Juice after an incident, but they have not done so for Apple Juice yet.  We can only guess this is due to paperwork and red tape within our government.

One of the father’s told Dr Oz that there is no way that profits can outweigh the health of a society.  He said he will be contacting all of these Apple Juice companies and ask them what they are doing about this issue.  These are our children, and we have to look out for their well-being.  Doctor Oz said he believes there should be a limit set on the Arsenic allowed in Apple Juice, and that the limit should be the same as it is for our drinking water.  What do you feel about the issue and results of Arsenic found in Apple Juice?  Please leave a comment below with your thoughts!  And do not forget to contact the companies to voice your outrage… here is a list of contact information: Arsenic Apple Juice Contact Information.


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Comments to Dr Oz: Arsenic Apple Juice: Gerber, Juicy Juice, Motts, Apple & Eve

  1. I have been buying juicy juice apple juice for my two grandchildren for seven and a half years but thank god i watched dr. oz show simply because i thought i was doing good for my grandkids by buying them a good brand. But its sad to say i was just taken in by a company that could have at least commented if they didnt have nothing to hide.

  2. Dianne Malson says:

    I am livid & emailing this website information to all my friends and family. Thank you for watching out for America’s health Dr. Oz.

  3. Michael Douglass says:

    Why do they CONTINUE to do this. What is wrong with our apples?
    Please read below …..note the date:

    New Juice Council’s Goal: Common Voice, Standards
    March 09, 1997|By Jerry Jackson of The Sentinel Staff
    Hundreds of businesses nationwide squeeze fruit and sell the juice fresh. But when company executives were summoned to Washington in December for a Food and Drug Administration hearing to address contamination concerns, they realized they had no single voice.

    As a result, the American Fresh Juice Council was formed in January. Florida is well represented in the nonprofit trade association.

    The president of Orchid Island Juice Co. in Fort Pierce, is vice president of the new group. Assistant secretary is Peter Chaires, vice president of the Florida Gift Fruit Shippers Association, which represents about 140 companies from its office in Orlando.

    Another of the council’s 12 founding members is Len Roseberg, president of Kennesaw Fruit & Juice in Fort Lauderdale.

    The council, which does not yet have a staff, is co-chaired by citrus juice executives Marc Isaacs, CEO of Sun Orchard Inc. in Tempe, Ariz., and William T. Sander, general manager of Beaumont Juice Inc. in Beaumont, Texas.

    The group’s first priority: form a safety committee to define good manufacturing practices for the industry and recommend safety standards to the FDA. The council also plans to create an advisory board of experts in nutrition, microbiology and hazard-analysis programs.

    When government hearings are held, the American Fresh Juice Council will be able to speak for the industry, said Chaires, one of Florida’s representatives.

    Competitors are cooperating on the critical issue of safety, Chaires said, because consumer confidence is essential to the survival of fresh-juice companies, large and small.

    ”There was panic” in the industry, Chaires said, after juice-contamination incidents in 1995 and 1996. By working together within the juice council, the industry will help ensure its survival, Chaires said, by raising quality and safety standards across the board and by reducing the chance of future outbreaks of juice-borne illness.

  4. I am so angry. Its like we dont know who to trust or who to believe. These are our CHILDREN but yet no one is doing anything! Parents keep your eyes open. We cannot let our children fall victim to this selfish act! Thank God this was brought to our attention..

  5. I have a bottle of Juicy Juice apple juice, just purchased yesterday. There is no mention of where the juice concentrate comes from, only that it is distributed in the U.S.

    How do we find out if this juice is possibly from China? or is it the box juices only?

  6. im curious, if its in the juice, is it also in the apples (baby food) ??? Now im nervous to feed my son this stuff..

  7. Margie Kronewitter says:

    Blessings to Dr. Oz for having the Courage & Integrity to made the Public. I am amazed that everyone hasn’t supported the Organic Food farmers and their SAFE PRODUCTS. Nearly every day there are terrifying articles about pesticides, fungicides… at least on Natural News and other couscious websites & on Facebook.

    Cancer odds are almost 50% nowdays. Today in the news: GMOs cause Liver & Kidney damage. MONSANTO is taking over our food supply with toxic corn, soya & wheat. Their seeds won’t reproduce, so farmers have to buy new seeds each year.

    Corporations will buy Congre$$ and we’ll just get the toxic crumbs. Republicans want to eliminate the EPA. That is OUR ENVIRONMENT they are protecting. Pay attention to what is happening because they are also buying up WATER supplies & selling our water to China. View Jessie Ventura’s You Tube on WATER. It is really more important than OIL. GO GREEN. Fukushima is STILL spewing RADIATION, too.

    If Solar Flares knock out the Electric, our Nuclear Reactors will MELT DOWN, too.

  8. If there is no testing going on on imports how does the FDA know OZ got it wrong?

  9. Blue-Deana Hortense Chamberlain says:

    Okay what is different about china conpaired to the rest of the world? How much arsenic is in an apple seed? Labels on the juice bottles don’t give information about where the apples are from. “And it is not just Apple Juice that is made from the Apple Concentrate – it is also found in juice blends, candy, cookies, cakes and even “healthy snack bars” that are sweetened with apple juice rather than sugar.” It’s not that you mentioned this but what about apple sauce is apple sauce better to eat or give to your little ones than the apple juice?

  10. Dana Campbell, Registered Dietitian says:

    Thank you, Dr. Oz, for doing this show regarding arsenic in the apple juice. I was amazed and appalled at the information shared. I hope you stand strong against any backlash you might get from that show. We need to have better food safety regulations. I wonder why we even need to import food into this country. We can buy and process our own apples and plenty of other produce. I hope people act on your advice to make change happen at the cash register. WE as consumers have the power to demand products made and processed safely on our own soil. If we stop buying apple juice made from apples from China and other countries, our message will get across! This story also makes me wonder about the safety all of the other food that is imported into this country. We have such limited inspection… how do we know it is safe to consume?

  11. I am so mad! I’ve been feeding my babies these juice products. How could this happen in the USA…. I’m so disappointed in the FDA for allowing this to happen. These are our children… is money more important then raising a healthy safe generation. Shame on you FDA! Where are your morals!

  12. Dear Mr Dr. Oz, this is BS, if you do not want to eat contaminants you have to leave this world, contaminants are everywhere, we breath, eat, drink contaminants every single second of our life. Do not wash the brain of these poor people just for having rating, you are an irresponsible person.

  13. Companies do this for the holy $$$..and they don’t give one hoot about the consumer..and if you believe they do..keep voting for the GOP movement to get rid OF MORE REGULATIONS including those having to do with the making -production and distribution of our food and drink..

  14. My three year old son has been drinking the no sugar added great value apple juice from walmart, am wondering if this has been tested as well? He can drink one of the large bottles in less than a week and I never thought it would harm him. He loves apple juice and not sure how happy he would be if i had to take it away from him. Is this only apple juice? Or are other juices affected as well such as pear, cherry, strawberry, etc.?

  15. WHY do we CONTINUE to buy products from China when it seems it is one thing after another that will either kill or cause disease in adults and children??? What is more important….saving a penny or saving a LIFE???

  16. Another reason to go Organic. Apples were always known to have the highest level of pesticides. Think about where you go apple picking this Fall too!

  17. Apart from the initial questions about why these things aren’t being regulated at all when our children’s health is at stake, my next concern is why in the world are we importing apple concentrate from anywhere in the world to make apple juice??? Don’t we have our own apple orchards in North America that we should be using instead not only for the fact that we have stricter growing regulations here on what can be put on the produce but also for the ecological impact of shipping things around the world?

  18. I just hope all you shocked and angry commenters plan to vote for the party that is FOR regulations that protect citizens and not just flipping the channel to Glen Beck and agreeing that we should get all of those ‘big govt’ liberals out of Washington!

  19. Cecelia Leamont says:

    Someone once said that America could be defeated by a foreign power without a shot being fired. I think a way has been found.

  20. i want to know if its just the juice or the baby food as well.and is just apples or do we have to worry about all Gerber products now.

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