Dr Oz Artichoke Extract & Artichoke Leaf Tea for Digestion & Cholesterol

Dr Oz Artichoke Extract Improves Digestion

Doctor Oz was joined by Bryce Wylde, a doctor of Homeopathic Medicine and host of Wylde On Health, to discuss the health benefits of Artichoke Extract and Artichoke Leaf Tea.  Dr Oz said that artichoke is a powerful player for our health because it is high in fiber and rich in antioxidants.  The Artichoke Extract actually comes from the thorny leaves on the outside of the artichoke, which is a part that we usually throw away and do not use.

Dr Oz: Artichoke Extract & IBS

Dr Oz said that Artichoke Extract helps prevent and cure upset stomach and improves digestion.  Bryce Wylde said that the Artichoke Extract (which is different Dr Oz Artichoke Extractfrom eating the actual vegetable) increases your bile flow, and as the bile moves from your Gall Bladder into your intestines, it helps to break apart the fats in your food.  Therefore, Artichoke Extract helps with a wide range of stomach problems ranging from gas to being bloated to IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).  Why does an increase in bile help with digestion?  Dr Oz said that when you eat food, especially food with fat in it, the oil separates out in your intestines which makes it hard for your body to digest.  But if extra bile is released, then the fat gets broken up so that you can better pass the oils out of your body.  Wylde also said that an increase in bile from Artichoke Extract helps you to better absorb fat soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, E and K.

Dr Oz: How Much Artichoke Extract To Use

Dr Oz and Carol, his Assistant-Of-The-Day, demonstrated a good way to take Artichoke Extract, which is by adding 30-40 drops of it to a glass of water.  Another way to take it is to just add a dropper-full (also around 40 drops) of Artichoke Extract directly onto your tongue, but apparently it tastes very bitter and not terrible pleasant this way.  Bryce Wylde said that at the back of your tongue you have tastebuds that are sensitive to bitter tastes, and when they sense something very bitter, they send a message to tell your gallbladder to produce more bile.

Dr Oz: Artichoke Extract Lowers Cholesterol

Dr Oz said that in addition to Artichoke Extract being good for indigestion and bowel problems, it can help to lower your cholesterol as well.  Artichoke Extract acts as an antioxidant to prevent cholesterol from adhering to your arteries, and since you release more bile, more cholesterol also gets released from your body.  Doctor Oz said that bile sits next to cholesterol in your liver, and so when you clean out the bile in your liver, you get rid of cholesterol at the same time.

Dr Oz: Artichoke Herbal Tea

Bryce Wylde said that another way to take Artichoke Extract is by drinking a cup of Artichoke Leaf Tea, though this does not seem as powerful of an option as taking Artichoke Extract directly.  Wylde told Dr Oz that you can re-use an Artichoke Herbal Tea Bag multiple times throughout the day and is an easy way to help lower your cholesterol.  Wylde also suggested that people with IBS or digestive problems take Artichoke Extract as a digestif after you eat a meal, because it will help you to digest the food.


  1. Polly Justice says

    You suggest using artichoke Extract; I can only find in pill form, is this ok? Thanks

  2. Pati Lilly says

    I have the same question/issue. I had my gallbladder removed years ago. While I would still hope to get the benefits for IBS and Lower Cholesterol, FAT moving out quicker and breaking down would be my first choice of benefit. I don’t know enough about bile production vs no gallbladder to know if I’d be ok.

  3. Valerie says

    What if you have had your gall bladder removed? Can this help your body still produce bile?

  4. says

    Jaymie, great question… I am not sure if the pill is more or less effective than the liquid form, but they only mentioned the liquid form on Dr Oz’s show.

  5. Laurie says

    I have the same two questions .. I have had my gall balder removed and would like to try these product for my IBS. Will the pill form work as well as the drops?.

  6. Nancy says

    I also have had my gall bladder removed, and wonder if it will be beneficial to take Artichoke extract? Or if it is not recommended. Also, if the pills are just as effective as the drops.

  7. Danny says

    Can I get a answer to this as soon as possible. I do not have a gall bladder. Can I still take Artichoke pills to lower my cholesterol and weight. Thank you

  8. Barbara Anderson says

    I have the same question as the previous people – will Artichoke Extract still be of any benefit for those of us who don’t have our gall bladders any more, and if so, how?

  9. Cheryl A Garcia says

    No One seems to carry the liguid form of Artichoke extract. Where can I purchase this product? It’s very frustrating when you go to the store all around town wasting gas just to find out no one carries this liquid product.

  10. Jan says

    I too have had my gallbladder removed. Are there still benefits for lowering my cholesterol? Seems all questions are being answered except this one.

  11. Paul says

    I’m having my gall bladder removed on 11 Aug 2011, I raise the same question raised earlier:
    “will Artichoke Extract still be of any benefit for those of us who don’t have our gall bladders any more, and if so, how?

    Also hope to see a response soon!

  12. Deb says

    I have severe Ulcerative Colitis/IBS and presently I’m housebound as I can’t get too far from the bathroom. Has anyone used this specifically for UC/IBS? If so, what dosage did you take and how long before benefits were evident, name of product used and where you purchased it? I’m really desperate for help! Current medication from gastro doc is not helping at all. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

  13. Patti says

    This is for Deb I’ve had IBS for around 35 years and always heard peppermint oil was good for it but I never took it regularly, only when I had problems. About two months ago, I started taking a capsule with each meal and I’m doing so much better. Results almost immediately. You have to take a enteric coated capsule so it doesn’t get absorbed too soon. I’m taking Puritan’s but I assume any good one will work as well. Good luck, I hope this helps.

    As some may know, peppermint oil also helps increase bile and get it flowing. Interesting…..

  14. Rosa427 says

    Anyone ever get an answer to the question about having gall bladder removed and use of atichoke extract? Seems many including myself would like an answer, but can’t get one.

  15. Kathi says

    I had my Gallbladder removed. Will artichoke extract still aid in digestion???? Any answers would be appreciated.

  16. Shelley says

    Why are all the questions being answered EXCEPT the ones regarding whether this will be safe and helpful for people who had their gallbladders removed?

  17. Sharon says

    Note on Gal Bladder question:
    I just saw this and until recently had never heard of artichokes being used for anything other than a food item. At my local farmers market there is a man who sells artichoke flowers- which i think are just artichokes gone to seed. He said to boil the whole thing in 2 galons of water with one apple and one cinnamon stick for 30 minutes and drink 3 cups a day.
    I had my gal bladder removed several years ago and I noticed if I drink too much too quickly I feel dizzy and lethargic with blurred vision. As I have NO experience in artichoke tea beyond my recent consumption I have no idea if this is just a normal side affect, but since it’s not mentioned anywhere it could be due to no gal bladder. Other than that though, if I keep it to 3 regular size cups a day and space them out it works great.

  18. Annette says

    Had my Gallbladder out years ago. I now have an ulcer and can’t drink coffee. Told herb tea ok. Is Artichoke tea ok?

  19. George Hernandez says

    Over the yrs I have been dealing with cholesterol triglycerides at area of 400, how can this benefit ❓

  20. Jen says

    Same question ….. Had gallbladder removed and want to know if taking the artichoke extract is safe. Bought it…. but thought I would double check before ingesting it.

    Why is this questing NOT getting a response???

  21. Shell.belle says

    FYI, I was looking to see if it is worth getting artichoke extract for myself (with gallbladder) & my mum who has had her gallbladder removed & thought I might provide those with the same question a reason why you are not getting a response to the question.

    If you look at the bottom of this page there is a disclaimer stating this is basically someone who is a fan/advocate of the artichoke extract/tea & has nothing to do with Dr Oz or any of his companies. Which suggests to me they 1. have no medical knowledge, so cannot answer this question & 2. Are possibly linked to the sales of the extract/tea they suggest.

    I have found a website with advice for ‘natural treatment & remedies for a bad gallbladder’ that also has a section on ‘advice to follow after removal of the gallbladder’ that looks interesting & I am going to research further.

    I am going to try the artichoke extract myself to see if it aids my weight loss (gallbladder intact)

    I am not a doctor! But, if you have had your gallbladder removed, I guess you won’t be producing any of the digestion enhancing bile that this product claims to increase. So my advice is, talk to your actual doctor before taking anything like this.

    Hope this helps.

  22. Nick says

    To shell.belle above – the gallbladder does not produce bile, it stores it and regulates the flow by releasing excess amounts when fatty meals are consumed. Bile is produced by the liver so your reasoning “if you have had your gallbladder removed, I guess you won’t be producing any of the digestion enhancing bile that this product claims to increase” would not be correct. Without a gallbladder the artichoke leaf extract would cause your liver to produce excess bile which would then run directly into your digestive tract via the bile duct. This should be helpful for individuals without a gallbladder when consuming a fatty meal as it will increase the overall bile to aid in digestion (since you dont have a gallbaldder that would normally perform this function).

    I would think this supplement would be more problematic for individuals who still have their gallbaldder but have issues with sludge, stones, gallbadder disease etc. If you increase bile production for these individuals it could cause increased inflammation by adding to bile stores of the problem organ.

    Your advise to first consult your doctor before taking this supplement however is spot on.

  23. wilfredo says

    the explanation that is good for people without gallbladder is very smart and has a lot of logic and common sense

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