Dr Oz: Artificial Sweetener Addiction: Root Beer & Orange Soda Recipes


Dr Oz:  How to Quit an Artificial Sweetener Addiction

Artificial sweeteners claim to help you lose weight, but in actuality, they may end up doing the opposite. Because of their higher sweetness content, they may cause you to crave even more goodies. Dr Oz says that the average American consumes 24 pounds of artificial sweeteners every year. (I feel like I consume 9 of those 24 pounds by myself.) Sweeteners, such as saccharine and aspartame may even cause your appetite to increase. The good news; in just 7 days, Dr Oz can help you break the cycle once and for all!


  1. Kelly Palmer says

    is there a difference between sarsaparilla extract and sarsaparilla root? PLEASE help me….

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