Dr Oz: As Seen On TV Products: Veggie Bags, Neck Gadget & Ab Machine

Dr Oz did a segment with Lisa Lee Freeman, editor of ShopSmart Magazine which is published by Consumer Reports, where they revealed the truth about As Seen On TV Products.  This Doctor Oz segment was called “As Seen On TV: Does It Work?”

Dr Oz: As Seen On TV Gadgets

Dr Oz knows that all of us have been tempted at some point by the seemingly incredible and amazing gadgets sold on late time TV Dr Oz As Seen On TV Reviewsor on shopping channels to improve your looks or health.  From a tool that cracks eggs to a neck slimmer to an Ab Coaster, these products promise to solve almost any problem.  But, are these claims true?  Lisa Lee Freeman’s magazine put several As Seen On TV products to the test to give us the scoop on if these things really work or not.

Dr Oz: Ab Coaster Review

The first product is an Ab Machine called the Ab Coaster, which you use by bringing up your knees and then pushing them back slowly.  The Ab Coaster claims to not cause back strain, while helping you to lose inches from your waist.  In Consumer Report’s lab, 50 people tried it out and 16% complained of back strain.  Not even  half of the people could use the Ab Coaster properly – and if you do not use it properly, it cannot work.  Dr Oz offered a free alternative which is a plank exercise where you lie down on the floor on your stomach and prop yourself up on your elbows with your hands flat.  You can put one foot on the ground or both feet on the ground, but make sure your back is perfectly flat like a plank.  Hold this position for 20-60 seconds, rest and repeat doing 3-5 repetitions.

Dr Oz: Neckline Slimmer Review

Dr Oz next showed an As Seen On TV Neck Gadget that is a spring-loaded neck tool that claims to get rid of your Turkey Neck in minutes every day.  The Consumer Report’s research showed that the Neckline Slimmer exercises the wrong neck muscles and does absolutely nothing to help with the loose skin that causes Turkey Necks.  Dr Oz said that you should try night creams with Vitamin A (a Retinol Cream) or a cream with AHA’s or BHA’s instead.

Dr Oz: Veggie Bag Review

Dr Oz’s final As Seen On TV product were those fresh Veggie Bags that claim to prolong the freshness of your fruits and vegetables for 30 days by removing Ethylene Gas that accelerates rotting.  Consumer Reports compared regular freezer bags to these Veggie Bags and found that the only thing they prolonged the life of more than regular plastic bags was bananas.  Apparently, there is no miracle way to preserve freshness!  Dr Oz said that the best thing to do is to store your fruit and vegetables in the fridge, uncut and unwashed.  Also, make sure your fridge is no warmer than 40 degrees.


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    The Neckline slimmer is one that really has me stumped. Does it work? Isn’t there other more ways to accommodate this, eating right and exercising.

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    My wife will be happy to hear that she can not worry about using the Neckline Slimmer I got for her for Christmas…I myself can’t help to try out every As Seen On TV product that I see…well maybe not all of them.

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