Dr Oz: Asclera & Spider Vein Removal

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Dr Oz: Asclera & Spider Vein Removal

By on November 2, 2011

Dr Oz: Asclera Spider Vein Treatment

In this segment, Dr Oz had his “assistant” Bindu come to the stage where he lifted her pant leg and checked out her spider veins.  (The brave soul!)  Bindu got spider veins in her mid-twenties and they worsened in her late thirties.  Bindu told Dr Oz that she had tried pastes and ointments to cover up her spider veins, but they would just rub off.  The spider veins made her feel very self-conscious and she felt that she could not express herself with the clothes she wanted to wear because of them.

Dr Oz: Spider Vein Removal

Dr Oz first suggested the newer versions of compression stockings.  He gave Bindu a pair to take home. Dr Oz Asclera Dr Oz then introduced Dr. Heidi, a dermatologist, who was going to demonstrate how doctors inject Asclera, a new treatment for spider veins, into Bindu’s unsightly veins.  According to Dr. Heidi, Asclera is an anesthetic, so there should be very little pain.  Dr. Heidi stuck Bindu with the needle and audience members were able to see the spider veins disappear, real time.  (The super close up view was a little much, though.)  Bindu stated that it felt like a tiny prick and that she’s had paper cuts worse than the injection.  (Not sure if that’s a good example because I’ve had some bad paper cuts, but I got the point anyway.)

According to Dr. Heidi, Asclera is the ideal treatment for smaller (less than 3 mm in diameter) veins.  Asclera is not for pregnant women or women with bad vascular disease.  The cost of the treatment is between $400-$700 dollars and you may need several treatments, so get your wallets ready!  (Is this something you would consider?  Leave a comment and let me know.)

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Comments to Dr Oz: Asclera & Spider Vein Removal

  1. I am concerned that afer treatent, the veins will return. Is that a valid concern?

  2. I am concerned that after treatment, my vericose veins will return. Is that a valid concern? Please excuse the typos in the first email!


  3. I watched this particular segment of Dr. Oz; in which he addressed the spider veins on the face. The needle procedure was completed on a lady, on camera, in real time, The cost quoted for the procedure was $100, for the single treatment. The needle procedure would stop the treated vein from resurfacing. Did I not hear this right? I am wondering because now I’m reading $400 – $700 per treatment; and several treatments would be necessary? Was my hearing that off?

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