Dr Oz: Aspirin & Lemon Juice Face Mask Beauty Secret Home Remedies

By on May 24, 2010

Doctor Oz did a segment on his viewer’s Beauty Secret Home Remedies and an audience member at Dr Oz’s show spoke about this Flawless Skin Home Remedy or acne / pimple home remedy.  I absolutely love when Dr Oz does these home remedy segments, because especially during this rough economic times, we can all really appreciate the concept of a “Pantry Spa” or making a spa with items in your kitchen pantry! Aspirin & Lemon Juice Face Mask

Dr Oz said this Aspirin and Lemon Juice Face Mask or Facial does work!  You just need a few uncoated aspirins, freshly squeezed lemon juice, baking soda and some water.  I have tried aspirin masks before because I have very disobedient skin that is acne-prone, and the salicylic acid in aspirin is definitely a fabulous home remedy.  Here is the full Aspirin & Lemon Juice Facial from Dr Oz’s Viewer Home Remedies.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Aspirin & Lemon Juice Face Mask Beauty Secret Home Remedies

  1. How often do you apply this, once a week?

  2. I could not find uncoated asprin so I used coated. Will the coating harm my face?

  3. Regina, I have never tried using uncoated aspirin, so I cannot tell you what will happen. If you try it out, please report back and share with us!

  4. Aundra,

    Twice a week… The days should be a little spread out because you don’t want to over-care your skin.. I just did it last night. It’s fantastic! The Lemon reacts with the baking soda causing it to hurt a little when you take it off, but I saw results by the next morning.. Good luck!

    And Regina,

    I used uncoated, but it has a tiny coat.. It works fine, my skin looks great!

  5. Thanks for the great tips Maddie!

  6. This remedy is awesome!!!! ive always had such stubborn acneeee!! nothing worked on it ever!! ive even taken acutane and after the treament was over my acne came bak! i started using this remedy last week and jus in a week my skin feels soo great!!!

  7. Cannot wait to try this! Do you do the mask after you wash your face or is before better? Or does it not really make a difference?

  8. Great question Karrah! I am not sure what others do (so please chime in!), but I tend to do it after my shower, because I feel like my pores are most open after my shower from the steam and warm water.

  9. I am from the Caribbean and find it difficult to get lemons. Can I use LIME instead

  10. I used it and my Acne got REALLy red the next day is that to be expected the first use..and only use 2x’s a week correct?

  11. Jackie – I am not sure what other people’s experiences have been like, but for me, my acne did not get very red the next day… in fact my skin looked a bit better already by the next day. I only do the mask twice a week, but I suppose you could do it more often (if you have very oily skin) or less often (if you have dry or sensitive skin).

  12. Daliah – I am not sure if you will get exactly the same results from Lime as you would from Lemon… but Limes are still acidic, so it might just work! If you test it out, let us know how it works with limes!

  13. Monquie says:

    I have only used this once, but is it just for acne, because i don not really have that. i have fine bumps, skin looks dull andi get black heads alot bcause my skin is realy oily. Will this facial help with that because the lady on the show skin looks amazing.

  14. I used this treatment just to day and my skin already has a glow and my acne is getting better! Is it okay to use organic 100% lemon juice instead of a squeezed lemon?

  15. Will this also help with sunspots and acne scares?

  16. Can you use this on your back as well? or is it just for facial purposes.

  17. Melissa – I don’t see why you couldn’t use it on your back, though you might need a partner to help you put it on. If you try it out, let us know how it works on your back!

  18. Jennie, I have not heard about anyone using it for sunspots, but if you experiment, please let us know if it works! I have heard of several people telling me that the Aspirin & Lemon Juice mask has helped with their acne scars.

  19. Bobbie – I think freshly squeeze lemon juice is always the best, but I have heard of people doing this successfully substituting water for the lemon juice, so you could give it a try and see how it works for you.

  20. Hey, this looks like a great idea! I think I will try it, but I have a few questions first.
    1.) what are the measurements for each, how much lemon juice and baking soda
    2.) How exactly do I take it off? Do I just rub it off with the cotton ball? Can I just mix in all the ingredients and just rinse it all off?

  21. I’m going to try this but where did you get the non-coated aspirin from exactly because I can’t find it.

  22. About how long will this take to clear up my whole face???

  23. Hi, could you please tell me, which is more effective , aspirin with honey or aspirin with lemon ?

  24. acupuncture says:

    I really like the idea of this! I looked up the recipe and am excited to try it at home! I have some acne that I would love to get rid of!

  25. I have white bumps. will this work?

  26. Hey, everyone! I can’t find anywhere the whole treatment….I mean…How many aspirins are necessary for a mask?Thanks!!

  27. Hi, I try every natural remedy but nothing works on me.
    i have tried avocado, lemon juice, cucumber juice, benzol peroxide, rosewater and sandelwood
    please help

  28. I tried this last night and my skin is so smooth – even more smoother than getting a microdermabrasion. Great simple treatment. This morning it feels as great as it did straight after the treatment. I used over the face and neck.

  29. ConcernedMom says:

    Is it safe for my 14-year-old daughter to use this? I’m concerned about Reye Syndrome. It’s not being ingested so I’m not sure if there’s a risk or not. Thanks

  30. Great question ConcernedMom… I am not 100% sure, so I would double check with your doctor first, but it has always been my understanding that children / teens should not take aspirin orally…

  31. Kishmish says:

    Just confuse do we need to add baking soda in this mask or not??? when u clicked the link there is nothing abt Baking Soda

  32. I just rub the lemon on my face most nights before I go to be. In the morning my skin is soft and my complexion has greatly improved and i don’t get break-outs and blemishes anymore. I had oily skin and this has been the best thing I have used after spending countless dollars on OTC products and prescriptions. I have even stopped wearing make-up because my skin looks practically flawless. I also use the peel to exfoliate. Additionally, I drink lemon water everday. I have been on this regimen for 3 months and love the results.

  33. This worked fantastic on my face but I wondered if I could use it on my vaj too? Lately it has been breaking out in blackheads and forming a dry crusty yellow layer. I want it to look young and smooth again, any thoughts?

  34. I have tried EVERYTHING to countless over the counter scrubs, washes and masks, to costly microderms and laser treatments, I have nothing left to lose and am going to try this method! I will let you know if it works!

  35. How many lemons or how much lemon juice?

  36. Can you use this if you are pregnant?

  37. Cole Jordan says:

    can i use lemon juice concentrate? (like from a bottle)

  38. How long will it take to get the flawless skin you want? I want to clear my skin from acne and acne scars.. Can you tell me how long it would take? and How many times I should used it?

  39. coolsite.Thanks for showing us.

  40. I absolutely love this facial. I took a good look at my face with a 5x mirror and scared my self I couldn’t belive my skin was so dry and flakey with large pores. I have been using this facial twice a week for 3 weeks now and I notive the difference. I alternate the lemon juice with Honey.

  41. I just did this tonight and it works GREAT!! I used lemon juice, just because it’s a little more practical for my to have it on hand. I saw where someone couldn’t find non-coated aspirin…you can buy Bayer or an off brand like it. I actually bought a bottle at the Dollar Store for a $1. I’m excited to see how my face looks and feels tomorrow! I love home remedies!!

  42. I just did this tonight and it works GREAT!! I used lemon juice, just because it’s a little more practical for me to have it on hand. I saw where someone couldn’t find non-coated aspirin…you can buy Bayer or an off brand like it. I actually bought a bottle at the Dollar Store for a $1. I’m excited to see how my face looks and feels tomorrow! I love home remedies!!

  43. Before I did the mask, I washed my face with a very mild scrub and rinsed.

    I did an Aspirin, lemon juice and honey mask. Removed with baking soda and water. Here is the ratio i used:

    10 aspirins crushed into powder
    Fresh squeezed lemon
    I added maybe 1/2 a teaspoon of lemon juice and 1/2 teaspoon honey. It was very thin, but went on well and didn’t run. Let it dry and then removed with a half cup of warm water with 1 teaspoon baking soda dissolved in the water. It did sting a bit when removing, but nothing more than I’ve experienced during a chemical peel.

    To finish up I used a little hand held microdermabrasion scrubber tool I picked up at CVS for $15.

    Then a warm cloth to relax my face and slathered on loads of moisterizer, one with lots of vitamin C to help with dark spots.

    Twice a week.

  44. Can you use this if you are pregnant?

  45. Well, i’m going to give this a try! I’ve spent too much money on everything I could think of to treat my acne! If this doesn’t work then proactive it is, and if that doesn’t work I will go see my dermotologist! Now, if someone could please post the measurements for this it will be greatly appreciated! Thanks

  46. OOPS, sorry, the measuremetns have already been posted!

  47. Okay, I did the asprin/lemon juice facial and it worked awesome. My skin is so soft…..but it also worked a little too well. It actually burnt or irritate my skin in some areas. I am sure that this will pass, however; I have an aeful taste (aspirin) in my mouth. It been more than 24 hours and the taste remains….. What in the world went wrong.

  48. How long do you leave the mask on? Can you leave it overnight, or will it be bad on your skin? Thanks!

  49. I just tried this & am going to see how it makes my skin feel in the mornig but I think that the directions shoulda been more specific… it stings like heck when you have to take it off with water and baking soda, is it suppose to do that?

  50. o & i didn’t have non-coated asprin so i rinsed the asprin in water till the coating came off & dried them with paper towel then made the paste :)

  51. Bernadette says:

    I have been using uncoated aspirin added to raw organic Manuka honey to make a mask. the honey is the best you can get on the market ( a bit expensive) but works wonders for my face.

    My face is now tight, lines have disappeared and black heads are non-existent.

  52. Priscilla Pena says:

    If you make more than you will use for one particular time, is it okay to store the rest for future uses?

  53. Sonal Mehta says:

    Can we use Dispirin instead of Aspirin as its banned here!

  54. I used BC POWDER instead of aspirin. Works great!

  55. Could you use Ibuprofen instead of aspirin? Isn’t it pretty much the same?


  57. Wow!!! This is amazing! It is such a weird feeling when you put the baking soda on! So to answer some questions I read, you mix the aspirin/lemon juice into a paste and lather it on your skin then after 10 min or so, use a cotton swab dabbed in a mixture of water and baking soda and feel the magic! So awesome. I would do this about once/ twice a week.

  58. My face stung a bit too once hit with the baking soda but felt so good after the initial sting! Like it was bubbling and tingling but a good feeling. My aspirin said coated and I used it anyway – looked like non-coated. Ah well, worked amazingly!

  59. To answer a few questions that didn’t get responses:
    1) Yes, you can use coated aspirin, it just takes longer to dissolve. But, honestly, go get the BC powder. It’s just so much easier. Just read the label to ensure that salicylic acid is listed.
    2) No, ibuprofen will not work. Aspirin and ibuprofen are two completely different medicines, with different active ingredients. IB doesn’t contain salicylic acid like aspirin does, which is the active ingredient in this mask. Not saying it won’t work, just saying that you won’t get the same terrific results.
    3) Lemon juice is known to lighten dark spots on skin. Just make sure you wear a moisturizer or foundation with SPF 15 or higher because it can cause your skin to burn easily.
    4) NO! Do not use this on your vagina! Are you crazy? You have several more layers of skin on your face than you do “down there”, as well as your face being exposed to the elements 24/7, which makes it less sensitive. (Unless, of course, you’re a nudist. Then completely ignore my last statement). This will BURN the skin if put on genitals or anywhere around them and you will be sorry you ever came across this blog post. (After the searing pain stops, that is).
    5) Honey can be added to the mask or used in place of the lemon. Honey has great antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and is great for its extra moisturizing effects on the skin. Also great if your skin is a little sensitive to the acidity of the lemon juice.
    6) Bottled lemon juice can be used in place of fresh, but fresh will get you faster results. This is because the additives in bottled juice that keep it ‘fresh’ longer destroy some of the acidity. Fresh is always better, no matter what food product you’re talking about.
    7) What you are feeling (stinging, tingling, etc.) when you apply the baking soda solution is the neutralization of the acids. Don’t skip this step and use plain water, though, or the acids will continue to work on your skin and could leave you very red, or even worse, with slight burns on your face.
    Which brings me to my last answer
    8) Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT sleep with this mask on (for the reasons I mentioned above). You will regret it. This mask should not be left on for more than 20-30 minutes, max, or you risk doing serious damage to your skin. Acne will be the least of your worries. (Trust me, I’ve seen some crazy cases walk into the E.R.)

    **Oh, and P.S. No one can tell you how long this will take to completely clear up your skin, just like no one can tell an obese patient how long it will take them to lose the first ten pounds. It varies from case to case. This may not even work for you, depending on the root cause of your acne. Only time and a good skin routine will tell if this is your ‘miracle cure’ (I hate those words, BTW.). If you do this mask every 3 or 4 days in combination with good habits in between you should see some improvements within a weeks’ time (washing with a mild non-soap product (or try the oil cleansing method…it’s fabulous!), don’t rub your face when you dry it, use a mild astrigent like apple cider vinegar or witch hazel and, finally, DON’T PICK!).

  60. I’m so amazed! I was skeptical about this however, it actually worked! I used 6 aspirin and the lemon juice from the bottle and put it on my face. It stung a bit but it was bearable. I left it on for about 5 minutes or so and then wiped it off with the baking soda and water. I did this before bed. My face feels amazing and clean and the acne that I have is soooo much better. I break out every month but always seem to have little bumps and they are even less noticeable! If this is the result just after one application, I can’t wait to see what happens when I do this as my regular regime. I’m a believer!!

  61. Hi!

    So, I want to make this for my Mum for Mothers Day, but when you say it hurts when you take it off – how much? I really don’t want to cause her any pain :)


    Lois – Anne

  62. If you only have coated aspirins, wash them with water, it will take the coating off

  63. Alright, thanks so much! :)

  64. How much baking soda and lemon juice do you need to make the mask? and how long must i keep it on? Thnk

  65. hi um i was wondering if its okay to use lime instead of lemon and advil instead of aspirin?thankyou.

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  67. I made the paste today….8 aspirins……lemon juice and applied to clean dry face. Left on face for 15mins. I made a baking soda solution and washed off with that. I then rinse off with cool water. After 30 minutes I put my vitamin C serum I made. I hour later I put organic coconut oil
    over my face and neck.

  68. Shivani hada says:

    can this lemon and aspirin mix be used to lighten dark lips too? Is it safe and effective?

  69. is it effective for acne scars..??

  70. Hi …I’m 13 years … I’m having acne since 3 years .. Is it good for my age to use aspirin ..???? And if it is can you pls explain how much lemon we need .. For how much time we have to keep on face …..

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