Dr Oz: Astaxanthin & Dr Joseph Mercola: #1 Supplement To Take

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Dr Oz: Astaxanthin & Dr Joseph Mercola: #1 Supplement To Take

By on January 18, 2011

Dr Oz did a segment with Dr Joseph Mercola called “The #1 Supplement You’ve Never Heard of That You Should Be Taking.”  This crucial supplement is something called Astaxanthin, which Doctor Oz had not heard much about until Dr Joe Mercola spoke Dr Mercola Astaxanthinabout it.  Also, checkout the recap of the segment Dr Oz did with Dr Mercola about Alternative Medicine Breakthroughs!

Dr Oz: What is Astaxanthin?

Dr Joseph Mercola said that Astaxanthin is a cousin to Beta Carotene, but it is much more potent.  Astaxanthin is derived from algae and is what gives flamingo their pink color (yes, flamingos are actually born white – not pink!).  Astaxanthin also help to give salmon fish their pink color.  Dr Mercola said that this is fairly new to the public, but it is one of the most potent anti-inflammatories that exists and it is crucial for people with cardiovascular diseases, cancer, arthritis, and many other medical concerns.

Dr Oz: Astaxanthin Prevents Cataracts

Dr Mercola told Dr Oz that Astaxanthin has even been proven to help prevent eye cataracts, which is a common problem in older people.  Even athletes love Astaxanthin because it helps to improve their performance.  Astaxanthin has 15-60 times more potent antioxidants than either Vitamin C or Vitamin E.

Dr Oz: How Much Astaxanthin To Take

Dr Joseph Mercola told Dr Oz that you should take 10 mg of Astaxanthin daily.  Also, Astaxanthin is fat soluble, so you must take it with a meal that has some fat in it – otherwise, your body will not be able to absorb it.

Dr Mercola’s Vitamin Regimen Daily:

What vitamins does Dr Mercola take everyday?  Dr Oz asked him and he said he takes 8 mg of Astaxanthin, 300 mg of CoQ10, 1000 mg Krill Oil, Iodine Supplements and a Probiotic Supplement.  However, Dr Mercola said that Dr Oz is asking the wrong question.  The better question is what foods does Dr Mercola eat to stay healthy, because supplements do not cure your problem if you do not change your lifestyle.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Astaxanthin & Dr Joseph Mercola: #1 Supplement To Take

  1. rose orourke says:

    i am going to try astaxanthin. someone said along time ago the answer to sickness is in the sea. i truly believe that, look at the shark they dont get cancer.gators you dont hear of them coming down with deadly sicknesses. i drink aloe juice and my pain subsides for long periods of time. i think the closer you get to nature the better off you will be.i work in the health field and i think people are taking way to much medicine old people waiting for the next med pass, sad.

  2. Judy Deater says:

    i always try to eat healthy, whole foods but am interested in what Joe mercola had to say, good information.

  3. What about during pregnancy? Thank you in advance for your response.

  4. Dean H. Miller says:

    Can Astaxanthin be taken with any kind of oil/fat, including healthy oils such as olive oil etc., in order for it to be absorbed properly? How affective has this been shown for inflamatory joint problems? Any studies?? Thank you…

  5. yes, any form of fat in food will do, just always try to make them healthy ones.

  6. several weeks ago you were talking about something that was good for memory someting that made blood go to brain. I thought I wrote it down but can’t find it. would appreciate it


  7. I have been taking ASTAXANTHIN for years ever since I saw it on Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe when they showed how it was made. I gotta tell you, ever since I have been taking it I Have only had maybe 2 colds in the last 5 years. let me tell you, I get 2 colds every winter like clock work the kind that last 2 weeks. now I feel like I am coming down with one then the next day its gone. I love this stuff.

  8. okori Christopher says:

    Please I want to use this opportunity to officially request for a sole Distributorship of all Dr.Oz and Dr.Joseph Mercola supplementary products in Nigeria. I also need the catalog of your products,health benefits, and their prices etc.
    Please kindly inform me what next to do.
    +234 8033408977

  9. Eugenia Bemis says:

    Where do i find coconut oil?

  10. Peter Smits. says:

    Dear Sir, Would you recommend Actaxcatin for people to take along with GLEEVEC which I’m taking daily to bring down the white bloodcells and platelets? I have the so called CML type of leukemia which was discovered after having teeth pulled and having inplants done which got me into the hospital with excessive bleeding for as long as 12 days causing me to loose 40 lbs. of weight. Thank you and greetings, Peter.

  11. Can I take astaxanthin if I am diabetic?

  12. April Marquardt says:

    I have Fibromatosis~ it is not cancer, but extremely rare tumor, I’m 33 and having mastectomy I believe that these supplements will help reduce my tumor? Any opinion on this?

  13. We offer a whole 2.5mg of astazanthin per soft gel. The most pure form of omega 3’s avialable and phospholipids. It’s great for your immune system, cell recovery – for runners and it also lowers your bad cholesterol by almost 50%. the results are amazing!!

  14. I’ve been taking astaxanthin for about 6 months. So far, so fine. If I take 5 mg daily, can I stop taking 1000 mg of vitamin C, 400 iu vitamin E and 15 mg Beta Carotene.

  15. Can you take astaxanthin while on prozac and if so how much to start? I like all that I have read about the health benefits of taking this. I want to give it a try, Thanks

  16. April Marquardt Read Dr. Hulda Clark and Dr. Lorraine Day

  17. Can Astaxanthin take the place of Vit C since it’s said to be so much stronger? Does that mean it does the same job – only better? I’m a little confused on the issue. I haven’t taken any Vit C for many years, but have started on Astaxanthin.

  18. I jus bought a bottle of astaxanthin and it say not to take it for more than three months??? But you and others have been taking it longer. Please explain

  19. Dana Noschese says:

    Does astaxanthin contain iodine? I have a slight allergy and can’t seem to find the answer to this anywhere. I think I read somewhere it is made from freshwater fish so most likely there is not much, but does anyone know?

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