Dr Oz: Asthma Caused By Acetaminophen: Adult Asthma Supplements

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Dr Oz: Asthma Caused By Acetaminophen: Adult Asthma Supplements

By on March 15, 2011

Dr Oz did a segment on Asthma, specifically Adult Asthma in women.  Did you know that Acetaminophen causes Asthma?  Doctor Oz said that 1 in 11 women have Asthma, so Asthma is not just for children anymore.

Dr Oz: Asthma Symptoms

Dr Oz said that if you get short of breathe doing things that should not make you out of breathe, then you might have Dr Oz Asthma SupplementsAsthma.  Here are some of the common Asthma Symptoms:

– Wheezing Sound in your lungs

– Problem Coughig

– Chest Pain

Dr Oz: Asthma Causes

Why do we get Asthma?  Doctor Oz showed how the trachea goes down into the lungs, and if you look inside of the lung tissue you will see a bronchus.  The big straw in your lungs is a windpipe, and it feeds into smaller and smaller tubes that pass oxygen and carbon dioxide back and forth in your blood.  If these bronchioles spasm though, then they do not let you breathe in or out.  For example, if you are exposed to pollen, pet hair or an allergen, then your body starts to secrete mucus which blocks air out of the Bronchiole.  Then the Bronchiole starts to spasm, which is like tying a belt around the middle so the air is even more constricted.  Then the person uses an inhaler which releases the spasm and lets mucus get cleared out so that air can go in and out again.

Dr Oz: Acetaminophen Causes Asthma

Dr Oz said that Acetaminophen seems to increase your chances of getting Asthma if you use it as a kid or even into your teenage years.  The whole idea that if it is strong enough to help you, then it is strong enough to hurt you, seems true.

Dr Oz: Choline & Quercetin For Asthma

Dr Oz said that you can try the following things to improve your Asthma, but nothing of course is a replacement for an inhaler:

– Remove carpeting and keep hard wood floors.

– Keep humidity levels low.

– Take 500 mg of Choline, three times a day.

– Take 500 mg of Quercetin every day, which studies show can reduce inflammation.

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