Dr Oz: At Home Tests for Balance, Cavities & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Dr Oz did a segment where he gave 3 At Home Tests and all you need is a glass of cold water and a paperclip.  Doctor Oz demonstrated how to do a Balance At Home Test, a Cavities At Home Test, a Carpal Tunnel At Home Test and a Vitamin D Deficiency At Home Test.

Dr Oz: Balance Test: At Home Test for Balance

Dr Oz said that falls are the leading cause of

Dr Oz At Home Tests

accidental deaths in America.  You can test your balance by standing straight with your arms folded across your chest, and then raise one foot 45 degrees off the ground with your eyes closed.  Have someone nearby to catch you in case you fall!  Here is the chart for Average Balance Times:

Dr Oz: Balance Test Average Times

18 – 39 years old — 9 seconds


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