Dr Oz: Autism & Environmental Factors: National Initiative for Autism


Dr Oz’s show on What Causes Autism? included a discussion of whether or not Environmental Factors Cause Autism.  Doctor Oz brought onto his show Dr Irva Hertz-Picciotto, a scientist who has been studying the connection between Autism and Environmental Factors.

Dr Oz: Autism & Environmental Factors

Dr Hertz-Picciotto said that the environment includes chemicals, our diet, medications, and basically everything that is not genetic.  For example, a recent study found that women who Dr Oz Autismlive within 1/4 of a mile from a freeway are twice as likely to have a child with Autism if they live there throughout their pregnancy.  She told Dr Oz that people are looking for THE cause, but there are many causes and when we figure out what causes Autism, it is likely to be a long list of different things.

Dr Oz: Environmental Factors Cause Autism

A man named Charles said that the only thing that has been changing from his perspective is the environment we live in which is filled with more and more pollution and chemicals.  He said that if the government knows this, he does not understand why they are not doing more studies to figure out how to prevent this from happening to our future generations.

Dr Oz: National Initiative for Autism

Dr Oz said that our nation has initiatives for many diseases including cancer, H1N1 and HIV – but where is the National Initiative On Autism?  One lady mentioned that the National Institute of Health does dispense money for this research and that they are trying to help kids and figure out how to prevent Autism, but clearly it is not as straight forward as we would like for it to be.

Dr Oz: Autism & Older Parents

One person from Dr Oz’s audience said that they read that older women are at a higher risk of having kids with Autism.  Many people in Dr Oz’s audience began yelling “no” and saying that it was not true.  However, one of Dr Oz’s experts said that it is true and it is true for both older moms and older dads.  For every 10 year increase in a mom’s age, the risk of Autism in your child goes up by 30%.  For every 10 year increase in a dad’s age, the risk of Autism in your child goes up by 20%.  But nobody seems to know why this is the case.


  1. Rosemarie N says

    Who spells check this before sending it out to everyone? Women who live a quarter milk ???? From a fwy…. come on…this is a huge booboo. I am embarrassed for Dr Oz.

  2. says

    Thanks Rosemarie for catching that! It is now fixed 🙂 We definitely use spell check, but since the word “milk” is still a word, the spell check did not find this as a mistake.

  3. Ross Coe says

    What “environmental factor” could be more relevant than injecting neurotoxins like aluminum, mercury, MSG, peanut oil, foreign particles from animals, live virus, and much more into a ten pound baby during a sensitive and important period of overall development. Dr Oz has shown he will side with, and protect the perpetrators of the autism pandemic. He’s as cowardly and heartless as the rest. Vaccine producers are criminals. They are guilty of knowingly causing damage to children AKA criminal negligence causing harm and death. Dr Oz can sleep at night because he has sociopathic tendencies like most doctors. ,

  4. Maureen Fischer says

    What a disapointment. Showing “BOTH” sides? One side is that vaccines don’t cause autism and the other side is a pediatrician that will spread out your vaccines so that we can get more people to comply and thus protect the “herd”? Please!! Why not have even one person who wrote one chapter of the current book Vaccine Epidemic. THere were over twenty? To add insult to injury another slam at Dr. Wakefield. Can anyone in the media even read? Try his book ‘Callous Disregard’ then have a real debate. I had never heard of Dr. Wakefiedl when I decided that vaccines were to blame.

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