Dr Oz: Avandia: Dangerous Diabetes Drug Causes Heart Attacks


Doctor Oz did a segment on Avandia, a highly popular Diabetes drug that was recently heavily restricted in America and banned entirely in Europe.  GlaxoSmithKline’s Avandia may have caused 100,000 people to have heart attacks or to die.  Dr Oz said that Diabetes is so widespread that it touches 1 out of 4 people and 57 million people have Pre-Diabetes.  You can often manage Type 2 Diabetes through diet or exercise, but sometimes medicine is necessary.  Dr Oz Avandia Causes Heart Attacks


  1. Dian Williams says

    I believe my brother died because of this drug. He had type 2 diabetes and was taking Avandia. He was found dead. He had some issues with the rhythm of his heart and was going to the doctor in a few weeks to have a paddle treatment. They couldn’t stabilize his heart. He was 55 years old and died in 1996. Left a wife and two daughters in a world of hurt. So unexpected and shocking. We had no idea this would happen.

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  3. maureen says

    In 2003, my mother had been prescribed Avandia by our family doctor, with him saying that there was this new drug available that worked wonders with Diabetes, at the time she was suffering with type 2 Diabetes. Not long after, a few months at most she started having what the hospital was calling mini strokes. They couldn’t figure out what was setting them off yet as the years went by she still suffered them and they started increasing causing her to develop Dementia.

    In 2009 we were informed by a new doctor that it could have been the Avandia that was causing the mini strokes because of her Diabetes. Because Avandia did cause heart attacks in some patients and my mother did also have heart problems she should not continue with this medication. The damaged had already been done with the prolonged use after so many years my mother suffered a major stroke on May 9, 2009 and died from complications of the stroke on October 29, 2009. Do I believe that her prolonged use of Avandia caused the mini strokes leading to the big one? Yes, I do. Can I prove it? No, I cannot. My mother was an incredible woman, filled with so much love for her family. She left behind 3 children, 7 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren and family that is lost without her.

    My advice to all is make sure you keep up to date on all medication that is being given. Do your research and keep going regularly to your doctor so that you are always well informed and if there any updates on the medication you are already receiving. Doctors are supposed to know what medication they are giving their patients and as soon as the side effects of Avandia had been found out an all out effort should have been made by the medical community to make certain any patients who were prescribed this medication and had Diabetes should have been informed and taken off immediately. Pharmacies should have had a red alert tag put on it immediately especially since it was used in conjunction with other Diabetic medication. As far as I am concerned, the whole medical community failed on this one.

  4. phyllis says

    i just saw this comment square. i will now comment on what i had to do when my lab tests were returned. i had to:cut out all meat, all sugar, including fruits, ketsup, etc. all oils, butter. i could only eat leaves, green beans, cabbage, etc., which i did for two weeks or more. to my amazement, the weight started falling off my face and neck, then off the rest of my body as i could see it. i did not have any inkling i wsould lose weifgt. at least one pound every single day!

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