Dr Oz: Avoid Painful Itchy Sea Lice Rash & Inspect For Bed Bugs


Dr Oz: Sea Lice, Beach Lice Causing Painful Itchy Rash

As Dr Oz continued his summer investigation, he moved to talk about the one thing sure to make your skin crawl: bugs. There’s a new bug infiltrating our land and our waters, and Dr Oz was ringing the alarm. Have you heard of sea lice or beach lice? The “itchy suckers” can cause painful itchy rashes, so what do you need to know to protect yourself this summer?

Dr Oz welcomed Shakira, a self-proclaimed beach bum who admitted to being worried about the bugs. She went on vacation with an aunt who got stung by a jellyfish and beach lice in the same day, so naturally she’s been worried about the bugs ever since.


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