Dr Oz: Baby Shampoo Makeup Remover & Lip Balm Cuticle Cream

Dr Oz: $1 Quick Fixes

In this segment, Dr Oz used audience participation to demonstration how to do a quick fix for only $1.  Dr Oz called out to the audience members for any items they were carrying in their bags.  The first audience member was Kathy, who had peppermint gum inside her bag.

Dr Oz: Peppermint Gum Relieves Gas

Peppermint Gum: While most people chew gum for fresh breath, peppermint is also good for relaxing the stomach muscles and for relieving gas.  It also improves the flow of bile.  (I guess that’s, goods but yuck!)  It is also under $1.  Dr Oz also suggested using peppermint herbal tea to help alleviate these same symptoms.

Dr Oz: Baby Shampoo Makeup Remover

Baby Shampoo: Dr Oz called up an audience member who had mascara in her purse to demonstrate how to use baby shampoo to remove makeup.  He placed a small amount of baby shampoo on a cloth and rubbed the Dr Oz $1 Fixesaudience member’s cheek.  Sure enough, some makeup came off.  Baby shampoo is under a $1, but be sure to purchase a brand that contains lauric acid to eliminate stinging.

Dr Oz: Lip Balm Cuticle Cream

Lip balm: Darnita, an audience member, had lip balm in her purse.  Dr Oz demonstrated that rubbing a small amount onto the cuticle will help moisturize it and prevent tears.  Lip balm is—you guessed it—under a $1.

Dr Oz: Tea Foot Odor Fighter

Tea: Dr Oz called up another audience member, who had deodorant in her purse.  She said that it helps ward off odors and keeps her fresh throughout the day.  Another odor fighter?  The tea bag.  Soak your feet for 20 minutes in warm water brewed with a tea bag to get rid of persistent foot odor.

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