Dr Oz: Bach Flower Rescue Remedy, Aloe Juice & Arnica Gel Remedies

By on November 4, 2011

Dr Oz Approved Home Remedies

In this segment, Dr Oz commented that his family reaches for the zinc before the penicillin.  Dr Oz talked about his own family’s home remedies and what they use to help cure common ailments.  He brought up an audience member that stated she also prefers home remedies.  For her kids, she stated that she uses ginger ale for an upset stomach.

 Dr Oz: Bach Flower Rescue Remedy

From Dr Oz’s Mother-in-law: The Bach Flower Rescue Remedy.  This product compounds 5 flowers and is used as a stress reliever.  The cost is $14 and you can get it online.  Dr Oz Arnica Doctor Oz had the audience member try it (5 drops).  She stated it didn’t taste bad at all.

Dr Oz: Lavender Oil Burn Remedy

From Arabella, Dr Oz’s 20 yr old daughter:  100% Pure Lavender Oil is great for slowing down inflammation from burns and accelerating the healing process.  This product costs about $9 and you can purchase it online.

Dr Oz: Arnica Gel Bruise Remedy

From Oliver and Zoe, Dr Oz’s son and daughter:  Zoe likes Arnica Gel because it’s great for bruises.  Oliver likes Epsom Salt because of the magnesium that helps calm his muscles after football practice.  Throw some Epsom salt into your next bath and you’re good to go.

Dr Oz: Peppermint Oil Headache Remedy

From Daphne, Dr Oz’s oldest daughter:  Peppermint Essential Oil.  Rub it onto the temples for 15-30 minutes per day to cure headaches.  This product costs $7.

Dr Oz: Aloe Juice Stomach Ache Remedy

From Lisa, Dr Oz’s wife:  Aloe Juice as an additive.  This product helps cure stomach aches and is a soothing source of gastrointestinal support.   Aloe Juice cost $8 and you can purchase it online.  Dr Oz and the audience member tried it.  It was a hit!

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