Dr. Oz: Back Pain 101 – Back Pain Home Remedies, Causes & Cures


Doctor Oz did a segment on back pain, what causes you to get a sore back, and what back pain home remedies and cures can you try?  9 out of 10 people who are 50 years old have had back pain before.  In fact, back pain is the main cause for disability for people younger than 45 years old.  From acupuncture to surgery, doctors try lots of methods to get rid of back pain.  In America we spend the same amount on cancer treatments as we do on curing back pain!


  1. Glenn Harper says

    low back pain-put heals on edge of couch about shoulder width apart. Lay on floor, make yourself comfortable keep adjusting if necessary wiggle hips back and forth maybe rock side to side a little, not to twist. Pick pelvis up occasionally. I find this very helpful and can massage my back as long as I like and it really hits the spot. Please, I would like to find the machine Dr. Oz used to wiggle his feet to relax his back.

  2. Carol Staub says

    Is spinal stenosis injection of steroid by a back and spine specialist safe?
    Your tv show said not

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