Dr Oz: Bad Botox Can Kill You: Fake Botox Warning


Dr Oz: Bad Botox

Dr Oz did a show on Bad Botox, and then gave some advice for Questions To Ask Before Getting Botox, which is a must-read for anyone considering Botox Procedures.  Botox Treatments are being offered at low prices across the country, but how do you know if the people injecting the Botox are licensed to do such?  Doctor Oz setup some hidden cameras to teach us about the predators in the Botox industry.

Dr Oz: Botox Treatments

Botox Treatments are the number one minimally invasive procedure most often done in the US, and they can cost anywhere from $300 – $500 per session.  Dr Oz said that Botox has gone mainstream due to the Dr Oz Botox Procedurehigh demands for the injections.  In fact, you can even buy Botox online now that come with “Do-It-Yourself” instructions.  But often these Bad Botox scams are even illegal.  So how do you know if the place you are going to is legitimate or a scam?

Dr Oz: Botox Dangers

Dr Arthur Perry, a leading Plastic Surgeon, told Dr Oz that due to the high demand of Botox, it is becoming more and more dangerous.  People who feel that they cannot afford other things, they feel like this is the best option because it is so “cheap.”  Bad Botox can cause all kinds of side effects from bruising, to asymmetry to even more scary complications like breathing problems and paralysis.  Botox Ads in the newspaper make people think that it is as safe as having a facial done, but Dr Perry said that you must remember that Botox is a procedure.


  1. Soloist says

    It is not just “Raw Botox” that is dangerous…..but any type of botulinum toxin injection. Granted, this toxin has been injected into hundreds of thousands of people without adverse events, but there many documented cases from individuals that have had horrifying, very serious side effects and problems from the spread of the toxin to other parts of the body. Many of these cases even happened when the injections were done by reputable, trained surgeons and physicians. I am one of those cases. I was injected with a botulinum toxin (Dysport….a competitive product to Botox and is FDA approved), and within 3 days had difficulty breathing; difficulty speaking; extreme head pressure; blurred vision; extreme dry mouth, muscle weakness; nerve pulsations; sensitivity to light/movement/sound, just to new a few of the very debilitating and life-altering symptoms. Problems peaked at 4 weeks post-injection; I was hospitalized and could not work for 2 months. Symptoms have very gradually improved over time….but at even 12 months post-injection I am not completely symptom-free. The manufacturers of both Botox and Dysport (Medicis and Ipsen) have 24-hour hotlines to which individuals can report adverse reactions, and both drugs have a Black-Box warning on the medications that warn consumers of the very serious dangers regarding the spread of the toxin to parts of the body beyond the injection point. Unfortunately many consumers are not made aware of these very serious risks, manufacturers offer little help to individuals suffering from the symptoms beyond taking reports and are obligated to report these occurance to the FDA. These adverse reactions HAVE happened……and more frequently than the warnings would lead you to believe. People having issues are individuals that have been injected with common amounts for cosmetic reasons. There are website support groups that have formed to which individuals dealing with the horrifying effects can connect and discuss these problems and ways to deal with the symptoms….which unfortunately take many weeks to months to subside over time as the toxin is metabolized by your body. There currently is not enough support within the medical community due to the small percentage of people that it happens to….and due to the difficulty in sharing information among the various range of medical and non-medical people doing injections across the country……..and due to little understanding of why the spreading occurs in some individuals. I strongly encourage anyone considering having botulinum toxin injections (Botox, Dysport or any other trademark name that becomes available on the market in the future) to consider these very serious and real risks before moving forward with it. If you would speak to me or any other individual that has dealt with the absolutely horrific experience of having botulism symptoms as a result of the toxin spread, we would tell you that smoothing out a few wrinkles on your face is absolutely not worth your life at risk…..or losing several months to years out of your normal daily functioning.

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